Log of significant changes to my web site, with the most recent first.
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10/18/22 Added Link to Swezey Secret Server page.
05/30/16 Added UofM Band's 1969 Cultural Exchange Tour of the Soviet Union pages.
07/20/13 Added Psychic Hippie Advisor - Free Android App! page.
06/06/12 Added 31 Loring Park, Minneapolis, Minn. (1913) page.
06/06/06 Added Swezeytown Sum-Times - we get it right! page.
06/28/04 Added Pierre Du Frontage - Forgotten Frontiersman page.
09/14/03 Added Grand-Uncle Chris page.
09/03/02 Added Official Guide to Minneapolis (1930's) page.
03/07/01 Added The Swezey Movie Guide page.
01/08/00 Added Wisdom XI The Millenial Knowledge of Swezey  page.
12/20/99 Added "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (Antique 1914 photocopy)  page.
06/06/99 Added Turn Your PC into a DSP for SWL!  page.
12/20/98 Added Antique Greeting Cards from the 1880's and 90's  page.
12/15/98 Added Overview Image Map (of my site)  page.
12/07/98 Added My Dad in World War II  page.
12/07/98 Added Stories my Dad told me about World War II  page.
12/05/98 Added My Dad waging Nuclear War in the 1950's  page.
12/04/98 Added Wisdom X page (Wisdom IX page is now frozen).
07/24/98 Added My Hippie Advisor page.
02/26/98 Added Titanic Iceberg Ice page.
01/19/98 Added Wisdom IX page (Wisdom VIII page is now frozen).
12/07/97 Added Wisdom VIII page (Wisdom VII page is now frozen).
11/13/97 Added My Secret History Page
08/31/97 Added Wisdom VII page (Wisdom VI page is now frozen).
06/21/97 Added My Letter from JFK Never before published letters that throw little or no light on the JFK assasination!
06/07/97 Added Geneologypages about the Swezey family tree.
05/28/97 Added Wisdom VI page (Wisdom V page is now frozen).
05/12/97 Added Wisdom V page (Wisdom IV page is now frozen).
04/13/97 Added Wisdom IV page (Wisdom III page is now frozen).
04/12/97 Added more Music in RealAudio and added MIDI music to most pages.
03/24/97 Added Guest Book and Guest Add Form
03/23/97 Added Counter on email page (no big deal).
03/21/97 Altered Musicpage to use RealAudio 3.0 instead of Java Sun .au files. Much better!
03/18/97 Added New Links page
03/16/97 Added Music page
02/14/97 Added Wisdom III page and reorganized the Wisdomsection (Wisdom II page is now frozen).
02/09/97 Added emailpage (no big deal).
01/16/97 Added Morph page.
01/11/97 Added this Log page.
01/01/97 Added Minimum Frames support.
01/01/97 Started Wisdom II page for new entries (first Wisdom page is now frozen).

"Out of chaos comes disorder".

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