Swezey Secret Server HAS MOVED - AGAIN!

Always come HERE to get THERE (in case it changes again :-)

As of 03/22/2023 "The Swezey Secret Server" has moved.

(It is no longer at IP Address: or

It is now at: http://[2601:445:680:6b50:375c:a64e:75c2:f755]/

This uses the new extended IPv6 Address Scheme.
If you have ANY trouble - please let me know.
Email me anytime at: swezeyt@winternet.com

Travel through musical history at 78 rpm (1905 ~ 1957).

Ragtime to Rock'n'Roll, Early Jazz to Big Band, Marches, Polkas, Crooners and Songbirds - and more!

Some of the best music you've never heard before!

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