TFS in grade schoolJFK in press conference

The TFS / JFK Correspondence (not a recent photo)

Never before published letters throw little or no light on JFK assassination!

Now, for the first time, the never before published correspondence between Thomas F. Swezey and President John F. Kennedy raises new questions regarding the disturbing link between them!

Just how much did Swezey really know about the assassination in advance? Why did he write the President over a year and a half before that fateful day in Dallas? Was the reference to JFK's fathers recent heart attack a veiled warning of an assassination plot against the President? Was the reference to "South America" or the misspelling of "Florida" an intentional cryptic warning that it would take place in a southern city - like Dallas? Was the doubling of "vote vote" an innocent child's mistake or a secret warning there would be a second gunman behind the Grassy Knoll? Was he part of the plot or just psychically linked to multidimensional space aliens who begged him to warn the President? Just what made him think the President of the United States would take advice from a fourth grade elementary school student anyway?

"I didn't do anything - I was just a kid!"

Examine the evidence... You be the judge!

The Envelope please... Careful scientific analysis of the envelope reveals almost nothing! What could that possibly mean?

TFS letter to JFK! "If only he'd listened!" (only a copy! - is the original still missing from the National Archives?)

JFK's Response! The sensational bombshell all America has been talking about!

Just where was Thomas F. Swezey on Nov. 22, 1963 anyway?

All of these questions and more answered in the sensational new tell all book

"JFK and I, Letters That Could Spell 'Jifk'!"

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