Atom Bomb Civilian Defense Test 10/13/51
Atom Bomb Civilian Defense Test, Oct. 13, 1951, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

5th Annual ARRL Assimilated emergency test conducted in conjunction with Civilian Defense Red Cross officials. Test planned and conducted by Benjamin F. Swezey, Jr. (W0-RAG), EC for MARC of Hennepin County.

MARC stands for "Mobile Amateur Radio Corps" and is a group of volunteer "Ham" radio operators who provide emergency back up communication service to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. Benjamin F. Swezey, Jr., my dad, was an early and long term member of MARC.

Additional photos from the test

Government officials look on.
Minnesota State Governor C. Elmer Anderson bending forward (second from the right with the white button). The officer is Col. Vec Phillips, C.A.P. My Dad is in back, second from left with the white CD arm band.

Taking charge.
My Dad taking charge (holding the microphone).

Checking the equipment.
My Dad checking the equipment (in front).

Talking over the radio.
My Dad working the radio (in back).

This was no joke! My parents even had a secret code between them. If my Dad ever called my Mother using it, she was to get us children as soon as possible and get out of town. They would try to meet up later. Fortunately it never needed to be used.

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