Peace, baby!

Free! Psychic Hippie Advisor - (Android App)

Groovy! I can dig it!

Looking for advice from someone older and wiser?
Someone from the simpler time of the 1960's?

"I knew you were going to come here!
Some say I'm psychic! Can you dig it?"

The Psychic Hippie Advisor is here to answer all of your questions!

"My advice is free - expenses start if you follow it!"

This app runs on the Android Operating System.
It should work fine on any Android Phone or Tablet Computer.
It has NO advertisements and needs NO special permissions to run.
It does NOT collect or report any data to anyone!

"I'm so far out - I'm back in again!"

"Hey man, can you spare some change?"

The program is completely free for you to use but I hope that if you enjoy it you would consider making a small contribution to help defray development costs. (It is entirely up to you - but it is "good karma" :-)



The PsychicHippieAdvisor program is legally available at this web site ONLY!
No one else is authorized to distribute it.

Downloading the PsychicHippieAdvisor program implies that you agree to the disclaimer.


Store the PsychicHippieAdvisor.apk file into the Downloads folder on your Android device.


On your Android device click on Settings.
Then scroll down and click on Security.
Scroll down to Unknown Sources and select it.
This allows you to install apps from somewhere other than the Play Store.

Exit and go to your Downloads folder and click on the PsychicHippieAdvisor.apk file.
Click on Install when it asks you to.

That's all it takes, you should be done!

(You may want to go back into Security and deselect Unknown Sources - you won't need it anymore for this program).

Please tell your friends about Psychic Hippie Advisor!

Psychic Hippie Advisor - Contribution Page

"For more far out stuff visit my Home Page! It's a gas!"

"Don't be so uptight! E-mail me at:"

I hope you realize the Hippie is NOT really psychic.
This is all just for entertainment purposes.

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