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Groovy! I can dig it!

"Hey man, can you spare some change?"

Psychic Hippie Advisor is completely free for you to use but I hope that if you enjoy it you would consider making a $1.00 USD contribution to help defray development costs. (It is entirely up to you - but it is "good karma" :-)

Please be clear!

I am neither a charity nor a non-profit organization.
I am simply letting you decide what, if anything, you would like to pay for this program.

You will recieve nothing extra for contributing - just my thanks.
Please help me make this work.

If you tell five friends about this program I'd consider that to be a sufficient contribution :-)

Please contribute through PayPal

(PayPal charges me $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction so please give at least $1.00. Thanks. :-)

Thank you for your support. Official PayPal Seal

Please tell your friends about Psychic Hippie Advisor!

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