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Bible On-line: The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) On-line, King James with Hebrew/Greek, Scofield, Other Bibles, Search Bible On-line

Bible Related: Religion On-line, Hall of Church History, Interlinear Peshitta Bible, Greek NT, Bible Studies on the Web, New Advent Catholic, Orthodox Church, Orthodox Christian Page, Coptic Church, St. Shenouda, Christian Enclyclopedia, Conscientious Objection, Conscientious Objection, Cross Examined, Dead Sea Scrolls, Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers, Early Christian Documents, Early Christian Writings, Intratext Library, Marcion, Marcion Scripture, Tertullian, NT Canon, Jesus Puzzle, Ask Why, The Secular Web, Dionysius the Areopagite, Pecos Benedictine Monastery, Patristics - The Early Church Fathers, Society of Biblical Literature (SBL),

Ancient Stuff: Zoroastrianism, Cronaca, Gnosis Archive, Gnostic Library, Theosophy, Interpreting Ancient Texts, Archaeologica, Byzantine Studies, Medieval Studies,

World War One: The Great War, Der Erste Weltkrieg, Centenaire, worldwar1.com, Mental Floss, Time Line: 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918,

Science and Technology News: alphr, CNET, Engadget, ESA (European Space Agency), Extreme Tech, Futurism, Hubble Site, Institute for Celestial Geodynamics, Inverse, NASA, Network World, New Scientist, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, phys.org, PlosOne, Science Alert, Science Mag, Sky and Telescope, Space, TechExplorist, TechXplore, The Drive, Wired, ZDNet,

Minneapolis, MN: City of Minneapolis, City Pages, Northeast Online, Northeast Minneapolis, Northeast Arts District, Twin Cities, Minn Post, St Mary 360, Walker Art Museum, Star and Tribune, Star and Tribune Weather, KARE Weather, KSTP Weather, NOAA Weather, WCCO Weather, Weather Bug, Fox9, KARE, KPXM (ion), KSTC, KSTP, My29, WCCO, Weather Bug, Weather Underground, The Weather Network, The Weather Channel,

Shopping: Amazon Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Bookfinder, CD Universe, Cult/Horror Films, Higginson Books, Powell's Hard to Find Books,

Fact Checkers: Fact Check Project, Fact Check, PolitiFact, Poynter, Snopes, Washington Post Fact Check,

News: Anti-War News, ABC News, Al Jazeera, Associated Press (AP), BBC, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, CNN International, EuroNews, France 24, FOX News, The Hill, MS-NBC, NBC News, Reuters, Russia Today (RT), Sky News, Topix, Vatican News, World News,

More News: Drudge Report, Drudge Retort, Alex Jones, All In Blog, Art Bell Coast To Coast, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, FAIR, FARK, Gawker, Huffington Post, The Last Word Blog, The McLaughlin Group, MOJO, Politico, Rasmussen Reports, The Raw Story, Real Clear Politics, Red Flag News, The Smoking Gun, Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, TruthDig, WND, Wonkette,

Newspapers/Magazines: Online Newspapers, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), All Africa, Argentina Star, A Sheep No More, Asian Correspondent, Australian Herald, Australian News, Beijing Bulletin, Brazil Sun, Business Insider, China Daily, China National News, Christian Post, Christianity Today, Christian Science Monitor, CounterPunch, Costa Rican Times, CrooksAndLiars, Daily Mail (Pakistan), Daily Mail (UK), Daily News (America), Doubtful News, Daily News (Egypt), Daily News (South Africa), Daily News (Turkey), Daily News (Uruguay), Daily Times (Pakistan), Danwei (China), Dawn (Pakistan), Deadline Hollywood, Dispatch (South Africa), Dutch News, Free Beacon, Financial Times, Ghana Web, The Guardian, Gulf News (UAE), Haaretz, Hollywood Reporter, IB Times, International Herald Tribune, Inter Press Service (IPS), The Intercept, Irish Independent, Japan Times, Japan Today, Jerusalem Post, Jezebel, Live Leak, Mad World News, Media Matters, MoneyNews, News24 (South Africa), NewsBusters, New Straits Times (Maylaysia), New Zealand Herald, Opposing Views, Presseurop, Pravda, San Francisco Globe, Reader Supported News (RSN), Der Spiegel International, Spread Liberty News, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Journal Online (South America), The Nation, The Santiago Times, The Seoul Times, Shanghai Sun, Snopes, The South Africa News, The Sun (UK), Taiwan Sun, Tass, The Telegraph, The Times (UK), The Times of India, The Times of Israel, Vox, Yon Hap News (South Korea), Zululand Observer, World Newspapers and Magazines,

International Broadcasters: World Radio Network (WRN), Australia (ABC) Australia Al Jazeera, BBC World Service, Canada (CBC), CFRB Toronto, Channel Africa (RSA), China (CRI), Czech Republic, Deutsche Welle (DW), France (RFI), France24, HCJB, India (AIR), Voice of Indonesia, Iran, Japan (NHK), KOL Israel, Korea (KBS), Voice of Mongolia (MNB), Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands (RNW), New Zealand (RNZI), Nigeria (VON), NPR Worldwide, Pakistan, Polish, Radio for Peace International (RFPI), Russia Today (RT), Sputnik (VOR), Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden (SRI), Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey (TRT), Vatican, Voice of America (VOA), Vietnam (VOV), Zambia (ZNBC), Zimbabwe (ZBC), United Nations Radio, Shortwave Stations More Shortwave Stations MIT Radio Station List

TV Related: TV Guide, Yes Minister, World Internet TV, TV.com, ABC, CBS, NBC, Antenna TV, Fox, Heroes and Icons, MeTV, WB, A&E, BBC America, Biography, Comedy Central, C-SPAN - Schedule, CW, Discovery, Encore, Fox Movie, HBO, Bill Maher, History International, MHZ Networks, Nat Geo, Ovation, PBS, Science Channel, Starz, Sundance, TNT, Trio, Turner Classic Movies, USA, WGN, TuneIn (Radio),

Local CBS: CBS News, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, Washington DC,

Religious Broadcasters: Adventist World Radio, Catholic Broadcasting (EWTN), Family Radio (WYFR), Trans World Radio (TWR), Radio Miami International (WRMI), WRNO Worldwide, World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR),

Shortwave: ARRL, Glenn Hauser's World of Radio, Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software, ILG World Radio Database, Comprehensive list of stations, DXing.com, The DX Zone, Hard-Core-Dx, hfradio.org, ITU, North American Shortwave Association, Primetime Shortwave, Shortwave Central, Short-Wave Info, Antique Radio Parts, WRTH, Nuts and Volts, Crystal Radios, Broadcastify, Live Scanners,

German: Foreign-English English-Foreign Dictionary, German Slang Dictionary, Der Standard Newspaper, FinanzNachrichten, Der Spiegel, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Deutsche Funk, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Südwest Rundfunk, ZDF, Oesch's die Dritten,

Fun: Capitol Steps, Rodney Dangerfield, Laugh-A-Lot!, Old Radio Shows, WikiSein, The A.V. Club, Click Hole, Daily Currant, Daily Mash, The Onion,

Old Records: Great 78 Project, Early Cajun Music, Tim Gracyk, WFMU, WW II,

Radical Politics: United Nations, The World Bank, WTO Parody, Embassies, LaRouche, DixieNet, North Korea, The Long War Journal, NTI, Secret Service Wall of Shame, WikiLeaks,

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References: Movie Data Base (in UK), Alive or Dead, Awesome Library, Bartleby (Great Books Online), Bio Guide to Congress, California Newspapers, CIA World Fact Book, Cliche Finder, Convert Your Currency, Dumb, Dictionary, The Free Dictionary, Grammar, Encyclopedia, Edmunds Auto Buyers Guide, How Stuff Works, Khan Academy, WorldCat, Car Prices, Obituary Page, Life Extension Foundation, RockAuto (Car Parts), WebMD,

History: Airships, Airship Heritage Trust, Zeppelin, Museum of Hoaxes, Retronaut, Vintage Ads, Vintage News, Google Newspaper Archive, News Library, Newseum,

Miscellaneous: Crayola, Hear The Music Play, Juggling, The official 5.25 disk sleeve archive, Super Yacht Times, Wiesenthal Center,

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