Swezeytown Sum-Times - 'Sum-Times - we get it right!' Swezeytown Sum-Times - 'Sum-Times - we get it right!' My Mother's Uncle, H. Leake - killed in a railroad accident! 
He has nothing to do with The Swezeytown Sum-Times 
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Volume 0 - Number 0 - January 1, 2006

"Sum-Times - we get it right!"

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The film classic "Breakin' 2 - Electric Bugaloo" will not be aired tonight.

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"The future won't last - the past didn't." - Our Founder
As a result of recent mergers and acquisitions, the Swezeytown Sum-Times full name is:
The Swezeytown Sum-Times Picayune Star Bee Gazette and Rocketeer,
a subsidiary of the Network News Network Corporation.

Saint Hilarius reigned as Pope from 461 to 468. He was succeeded by Saint Simplicius.

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