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Live 24/7 coverage of the day nothing happened

Selected transcripts from the Network News Network's (NNN) live coverage of the day nothing happened.

12:00 AM Eastern Time This could be the start of nothing big!

05:00 AM Eastern Time "Network News Network's News Buddies".

10:00 AM Eastern Time "Chick Chat!" The program that's just for the ladies ...

2:00 PM Eastern Time "The Doctor Pill Show" Dr. Penelope Pill uses sock puppets and animation to answer some of your burning medical questions.

3:00 PM Eastern Time "Phoney Money!" The program that tells you where all your retirement money went.

4:00 PM Eastern Time "Legally Blind" All things legal and otherwise.

6:00 PM Eastern Time "The Network News Network's News Hour" The daily wrap up of events.

8:00 PM Eastern Time "The Flotsam and Jetsam Report" The daily round up of events with Sam Flotsam and George Jetsam.

12:00 AM Eastern Time This could be the end of nothing big!

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