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10:00 AM Eastern Time

"Chick Chat" with Billie Jo, Betty Jo and Bobbie Jo

Good morning and welcome to Chick Chat. I'm Billie Jo ...

I'm Betty Jo ...

and I'm Bobbie Jo ... thank you for joining us this morning.

Today on Chick Chat, we will be interviewing the author of the new book, "The Existential Significance of Home Making - The New Stay at Home Wives", in which he analyzes key portions of Jean Paul Sartyr's "Being and Nothingness" examining the phenomenological meaning of housework.

Thanks Bobbie Jo. Later, we will be continuing our interactive viewer program on translating the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Billie Jo will be answering your questions on the use of the Hebrew letter Aleph in the "War Scroll". Won't that be interesting.

But first here's Betty Jo with a quick look at today's main story.

Thanks Billie Jo. Nothing has happened since at least late last night.

New services around the world are baffled about the situation.

Usually the news doesn't affect us much here at Chick Chat but even our producers are becoming concerned at the alarming trend.

Stay with Network News Network for the latest on this developing situation.

And now back to you Betty Jo.

I thought you were Betty Jo.


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