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Selected transcripts from the Network News Network's (NNN) live coverage of the day nothing happened.

5:00 AM Eastern Time

Good morning to our viewers on the east coast, thank you for joining us this morning.

Our top story at this hour, over five hours have passed without any significant news story being reported.

Experts are confused by the lack of news.

Lucy Goosey joins us from Washington.

Joe, news services around the world have been checking and re-checking their news gathering resources hoping to find some reason why no news is being reported. So far no technical reasons have been uncovered. There's just no news.

The President feels it is too early to comment on the lack of news as there is insufficient information to draw any conclusions.

Hey, work with us Lucy, we're dying here.

Ted I think that went out over the air.

Stay with NNN all day today for live continuing coverage of this unfolding story.


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