Welcome. This is a spot for me to share what's going on in my life, my hole, my head, and my mailbox. Using a gadget called Blogger I can update it easily which should mean regular fresh content. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

-- RedRight August 1st, 2000

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Posted: 9:30 PM
My ScatSite has given birth. The baby is a shit-smeared active, dynamic, exciting new website called ManScat.com and boys, you've gotta go take a look! I don't know if I'm the father, midwife, or dirty old uncle, but Steward over there has done a great job.

Steward intends this to be the "unofficial unaffiliated loosely coupled and disconnected companion web site for the subscribers to the scatlist at queernet (...and anyone else who really digs shit)." He proclaims this website will be "Of the pigs for the pigs by the pigs" and he's already made good on that by publishing the contributions of a wide variety of pigs. You too could get in on the act.

It's got some great articles, the ShitBase (the bigger and better offspring of my original Scat FAQ), some interesting Pet Projects, interactive features like Pig Profiles & Classifieds, and standard stuff like links (cool, shitty, brown links). Better still, Steward is having such fun with his new toy that new crap (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) is showing up all the time.

Also, as a side note, the Scat List over at QueerNet is growing by leaps and bounds and has become much more active. Use the link below to join. Like I said before, this is *THE* Scat list. Be on it!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Posted: 6:51 AM
A couple of things to post today... First off, a plug for the new scat list over at Queernet. So far, it's small (about 250 members) and has pretty light traffic, but we're building it up. I'm determined to make this THE Scat List. Sure there are others, at Yahoo and wherever, but who can keep track of them all? And Hey, let's face it, Yahoo hasn't exactly been welcoming us with open arms lately -- rumors of lists disappearing and other hanky-panky on their part abound. Queernet welcomes us and they provide a good solid platform. Here's a link: GO Join!

Next, here's a couple of finds to share with you boys in the area of post-play odor control....

Last year I had two incredible shit sessions with a friend who lives in Paris who I get to see about once every three years. One of these sessions we did in a rented hotel room and one we did in a basement playroom while my partner was out of town.

We got FILTHY. Both sessions lasted for at least eight hours and we went deep, deep, deep into the sewer pits of our minds and fantasies. It was fantastic.

When we were done, we cleaned up. Really, I thought we did a very good job, both at home and at the hotel. In both cases, however, it wasn't good enough. I lost a $300 deposit at the hotel and my partner was furious when he came home (unexpectedly early!) the next day. In both cases the problem was the one thing you can't wash: the air. In both cases the stink of our play stayed long after every other trace had been removed.

Finally, however, I think I may have found a solution. I was in a hospital washroom the other day and I saw a bottle sitting on a shelf labeled "Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator" by Bard Medical. The label delicately stated that it was "A concentrated unique formula which chemically eliminates odors associated with urine, feces, emesis and necrotic tissue."

This sent me off on a web search. As it turns out this is one variety of a whole class of products. Usually they're sold for people with ostomys or fecal incontinence. They use an enzymatic action to break down the biological molecules that are causing the scent. This goes way beyond just covering it up with perfume! Other products include CarraScent Odor Eliminator, ConvaTec Dignity Odor Eliminator Spray, and Mentor Ultra-Fresh Organic Odor Eliminator.

Medi-Aire seems to be the leader. It's available in a 1 oz spray bottle for around $3.50 or an 8 oz bottle for around $14.50. You might be able to find it at a local pharmacy or medical supply house. I looked in my area and found it at one out of about a dozen pharmacies and then I had to ask at the counter. You can also order it online from a host of places. The best I found is http://www.allegromedical.com.

Sadly, I haven't had the chance to use it yet -- I haven't had a shit session that generated any significant stink! I'm working on it though and I'll let you know how well it meets the need. I'm guessing that you could also use it to cut the stink on skin and in hair by spraying it on your hands and rubbing it in.

I also made a bonus find while I was researching this; deodorant tablets to make your shit stink less! Now, I know, this is, on some level, heresy. Shit is supposed to stink! We shitmen LIKE that stink. Yeah, yeah... nonetheless, there are times when it would be good to be able to exercise a little control over the smell. Perhaps to reduce it for breaking in a beginner.

Just like the odor eliminators above there are several products out there on the market. Here's my list; Colo-Fresh, Nullo, Derifil, and Devrom. You can find places that sell them on the web by using these names as search terms on Google or whatever search engine you prefer.

From what I can tell these fall into two categories; those based on a chemical called bismuth subgallate (Colo-Fresh, Devrom), and those based on some chlorophyll / copper compound (Nullo & Derifil). These are all over-the-counter items. I'm going to try the bismuth subgallate version first.

I suppose that I should note that there is a significant difference between reducing the ODOR of shit and making the TASTE more palatable. While they may be connected, they may not. This stuff could make shit taste even worse or give it a taste that we shiteaters would find more disgusting than natural shit. Hard to say, but I'm going to get some of each kind and see what I can see. I'd encourage any of the adventurous out there to try it too and report back.

Well, that's it for now.

This is RedRight, your favorite shit scientist, signing off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Posted: 6:31 AM
Here's a gem from the Scat list on Starting to Eat Shit. This was posted a little while ago and the more I read it the more I like the simple advice. The author, Bruce wanted to be credited as "an actual public toilet serving anyone in Boston, MA." His email address is below.

By the way, if you're into shit get out there and join the shit list at Queernet. Here's the link. It's still getting going, but I predict this is going to become the ONE list that all scat men will want to be on. Yahoo lists just don't cut it -- they don't want us over there. Queernet is a welcoming place -- even for us.

Anyhow, on to the feature;

From: "Bruce"
To: The Scat List
Subject: [scat] Starting to Eat Shit

The gag reaction is fairly typical. Guess for me, shiteating came fairly easy. Had a growing desire to eat shit, feeling that it was such a taboo and that so few guys were actually willing to swallow turds that I wanted to be one of those guys who experienced the special thrill. I started by shitting into my hand and justpushing it into my mouth. I held the shit in my mouth and kept moving my tongue all over the shit. When I worked up the courage to actualy swallow my shit, I started drinking water as I swallowed and was able to get all the shit down. I just relaxed and slowly jerked off for about an hour and a half until I was sure, I wouldn't throw up my shit. After that first time, eating shit kept getting easier. I still keep a bottle of water with me to help wash down some of the dry turds that sometimes are shit into me. If your ever in Boston, my mouth is always available if you feel like taking a shit.


Sunday, March 17, 2002

Posted: 8:01 PM
OK, Boys, Who wants to participate in a little science experiment? Sometimes it would be nice to have a little control over the quality of your shit, right? You wanna break in a beginner, it might be nice to have a milder, less wicked loaf to make the introduction with. OK, in that vein, consider the e-mail I got this week:

From: V.
To: RedRight
Subject: for your faq

For the care of newbies section:

You can get chlorophyll (or chlorophyll I think it's
sometimes labelled) capsules at healthfood stores.
This is a natural, completely harmless substance that
is used by plants to turn light into food. It's also a
great body deodorizer when taken internally. Follow
the directions on the package, and you shit won't
stink (much). It also has the added factor
(attractive? not? YMMV.) of turning your shit GREEN.

I can't speak to any of the claims of it being
detoxifying in general, but that's not the application
here... ;)

Tantricly yours,

So, I've been testing this. I've been taking 100 mg chlorophyll a day in a tablet, sometimes 200 mg. The stink factor reduction... well, it may be making a difference. My farts may be only wilting the roses on the wallpaper instead of making the paper peel right off the wall. I haven't done a taste test yet, so I can't report on the flavor effects. The color? Heh, that I can affirm. My shit has ranged from a dark brown with a slight greenish tint to an amazing olive drab.

The thing is, for a good test we need a bigger sample. So, I ask again; who wants to get in on a little science experiment? Go to your local health-food store and get yourself some of the little green tablets. Take as directed, observe results. Smell testing is essential, taste tests are preferred. After using as directed double the dose. Observe results again. Then, the critical step; report back to me! The results will be posted here and added to the Scat F.A.Q.. Think of it boys, it's your chance to contribute to the expansion of human knowledge in this little researched area!

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Posted: 1:50 PM
Scatological Humor, though sometimes juvenile, is a rich and ancient tradition. For your entertainment, I offer the following magnum opus:

The Farter From Sparta

There was a young fellow from Sparta.
A really magnificent farter.
On the strength of one bean
He'd fart "God Save the Queen,"
And Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

He could vary, with proper persuasion,
His fart to suit any occasion.
He could fart like a flute,
Like a lark, like a lute,
This highly fartistic Caucasian.

This sparkling young farter from Sparta,
His fart for no money would barter.
He could roar from his rear
Any scene from Shakespeare,
Or Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado.

Nobody could play the classics finer,
As he showed me one day in the diner.
I had a bagel with lox
While he played from his buttocks:
Chopin's Etude #12 in C-minor.

He'd fart a gavotte for a starter,
And fizzle a fine serenata.
He could play on his anus
The Coriolanus:
Oof, boom,er-tum,tootle, yum tah-dah!

He was great in the Christmas Cantata,
He could double-stop fart the Toccata,
He'd boom from his ass
Bach's B-Minor Mass,
And in counterpoint, La Traviata.

Spurred on by a very high wager
With an envious German named Bager,
He'd proceeded to fart
The complete oboe part
Of a Haydn Octet in B-major.

His repertoire ranged from classics to jazz,
He achieved new effects with bubbles of gas.
With a good dose of salts
He could whistle a waltz
Or swing it in razzamatazz.

His basso profundo with timbre so rare
He rendered quite often, with power to spare.
But his great work of art,
His fortissimo fart,
He saved for the Marche Militaire.

One day he was dared to perform
The William Tell Overture Storm,
But naught could dishearten
Our spirited Spartan,
For his fart was in wonderful form.

It went off in capital style,
And he farted it through with a smile,
Then, feeling quite jolly,
He tried the finale,
Blowing double-stopped farts all the while.

The selection was tough, I admit,
But it did not dismay him one bit,
Then, with his ass thrown aloft
He suddenly coughed...
And collapsed in a shower of shit.

His bunghole was blown back to Sparta,
Where they buried the rest of our farter,
With a gravestone of turds
Inscribed with the words:
"To the Fine Art of Farting, A Martyr."

(Author Unknown...)

Sunday, March 25, 2001

Posted: 11:02 AM
I received an e-mail from Ian of the Dirty Boys last week. He let me know that they've moved their website and gave me all the new URLs. I updated the links below and on my Links page. If you had trouble with them before try them again! It's really, really, worth a visit.

Monday, March 19, 2001

Posted: 9:13 PM
For the longest time there's been a group of scat boys that I've been fascinated by and slightly enamoured with, but I've repeatedly missed adding a link to them to the scat site links page. Well, that's a thing of the past. I have finally linked to The Dirty Boys at dirtyboys.org it's under Essential Shit Sites on the links page. They're a clan of shit-eating, Irish, romantic, runaway, boy-whores and for me they inspire a mix of awe, lust, and limerance. They have a great site telling their story and selling their own very good, original shit tapes. Recently they also started offering video prints of the shit pantheon of classics: Dave's Basic Training series and the Christopher Rage shit tapes. If you're into shit, you want these tapes.

Speaking Dave's shit tapes, I also added what I know of that answer to the Scat FAQ. Go check it out. If you know more of the story share it with me.

Saturday, February 24, 2001

Posted: 6:10 PM
I think I found a good thing and I want to share it with you guys. Me and a buddy in SF (WallowinMud@aol.com) were chatting on AIM the other day and he told me he'd had shit sex 4 times that week, all folks he met on-line. Now, admittedly, SF is NOT Minneapolis, but clearly, this guy is onto something. SO I asked him where his favorite on-line crusing spot is for actually connecting with someone.

He referred me to the Gay.com's chat boards. If you go there you'll find they are mostly geographically divided but there is likely to be a 'Wet and Messy' board too. That's what he used, I used the ones for my city. I logged in with a real blatant name like "ff&scatbuddy" or "hungryforshit."

Of course the vanillia boys freaked and made all kinds of comments, that's par for the course. It didn't take many minutes, however, and interested parties started asking for private chats. In the course of a few hours on one Saturday afternoon, I got two connections worth persuing (one FF and one scat) and they live within a mile of me! I don't know about you guy's experience, but that's a HELL of a lot better than I normally do! Thanks David!

Sure, you can meet hot guys on IRC and in other forums, but they're all over the fu*&ing world! Cool on the one hand, but hard to get together and play with! Check it out! One thing though... Let me put my plug in here for being real on-line. Use at least mostly accurate stats, and your OWN photo, OK boys? Keep the promises you make. Get real, it's more fun! End of sermon.

Oh, by the way, the trip to the Netherlands and Het Vagevuur didn't work out this time. It will happen though. My next big piggery trip is likely to be International Mr. Leather in Chicago.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Posted: 6:09 PM
Hey men. Something new, something cool! Check this out, A friend (Hi Pete.) sent me an old Euro sex magazine with a really hot shit story in it. Better still, it had photos. As a result, I've posted the first illustrated story on the shit stories page. Go check it out.

On another front I got a bug up my ass the other day that I need a mid-winter sex-pig getaway. First I was gonna go to the President's Day Fisting Party at Safety Patrol in upstate New York. (As the name implies, this is a very *clean* event, but a hell of a lot of fun, none-the-less.) That just wouldn't work though. Work schedules and airline restrictions just made it too tight. So, casting about for a bacchanal of a similar scale I came upon the idea of heading for Het Vagevuur, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This place has scat parties every other month and has long been on my list of places to go play. Better still, airfares there are about as cheap as to New York. Go figure. The next Scat party there is March 24, and I'm out trying to recruit a shit-buddy to go with. If any of you out there are going, be sure to drop me a line!

Also, for any of you who are also fans of my Fisting site, I've done a few updates to the Links page there.

Saturday, December 23, 2000

Posted: 9:01 AM
Sorry boys, not too much shitty or sexy going on im my life right now. Hey, what can I say, it's the holidays! If you wanna read my very short Christmas message bop on over to Words from RedRight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Posted: 4:14 PM
Oh boy, what an honor. One Dick K. (a.k.a. Lowtax) who runs a site called Something Awful (and it is) has given this very page the honor of being his awful link of the day. To those of you who've surfed in from the Awful site -- Welcome! Now leave. Honestly folks, Dick tried to warn you before he sent you over, let me warn you again. This isn't for you. Go back to that Awful site, its dark whiney misery is probably more your style than my site's message that there's nothing wrong with lots of good kinky sex. For heaven's sake, if you continue on, at least don't send me any shocked, hate filled emails telling me that I:

...deserve to be brought out into the street, beaten, anally raped, trampled on by a stampeed of not-so-happy cows, shit on, kicked in the head with steel-toed boots, have your teeth knocked out by an old dirty rusty hammer, have your arms amputated by my fairly large sword, have your legs beaten by a hate-filled midget that just happened to catch a glimpse of your website, then get headbutted in the nuts by my cousin, set on fire, then kicked in the head again with the steel-toed boots.

...for the pain you suffered from seeing my website. (Yes, that's an actual quote. At least this one has an imagination...)

The first I knew about it was when I suddenly got 3 pieces of hate mail (2 death threats) and a couple of really confused messages. Boy the readers of that guy's site sure are a sweet, intelligent, loving kind of crowd. Finally, the message above, in a postscript, let me know about the honor by the Awful site.

I went and took a look. I looked at a lot of it and I have to admit, his website is as foreign to me as mine must be to him. He did do a funny edit of something you'll find in unedited form further down this log. This had me nearly rolling on the floor:
Then it was my turn. I was excited and terrified. If you've never been in the position it may be hard to imagine just how submissive and vulnerable feeling a position it is to be under a rim chair with a [LOVELY PAINTING OF FLOWERS] on your face. Then, add to that the sure knowledge that [BEAUTIFUL FEELINGS OF ROMANCE AND JOY] will flow from that [CELEBRATION OF SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT] and the expectation that that [A SWEET AND CUTE NEWBORN PUPPY] will go down your [SLIDE AT A SUNNY PUBLIC PLAYGROUND]... It was a hell of a spot I'd put myself into and now I'd see if I could deliver, or, rather, see if I could take his [1976 MONTE CARLO]...

At the bottom of his site he has a place to submit a suggestion for the Awful Link of the Day. I clicked in and sent him a short thank you note. Oh yeah, I also suggested my nominee for a truly awful link: http://www.somethingawful.com/.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Posted: 7:59 AM
New entry posted to the FF site's "Words From RedRight". Go take a look.

Sunday, August 27, 2000

Posted: 12:02 AM
Did some more work on the Scat FAQ during the week and tonight. It's really starting to shape up. Go take a look, and be sure to write if you've got questions or answers to contribute.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Posted: 3:58 PM
I'm in Seattle this week. I've been here since last Saturday. Two adventures so far: Last Saturday I got to play with the men of the Seattle Reds. It was a great party, lots of good men, a nice playroom, and a great host.

My second adventure came Wednesday night. As I had hoped it would be, it was a shitty one. I got together with Chuck, a local who had responded to my messages on the assorted shit email lists that I would be in town. His message was very explicit: He wanted to feed. We met at the Seattle Eagle to check each other out and then, liking what we saw, went back to his place to share some action.

Despite the all-top nature of his messages, the action once we got to playing, was strictly mutual. He got under my rim chair first and worked my butt good. I had a full ass and he made it clear that that didn't bother him at all and, in the end, he swallowed everything I had to give and did it with enthusiasm.

Then it was my turn. I was excited and terrified. If you've never been in the position it may be hard to imagine just how submissive and vulnerable feeling a position it is to be under a rim chair with a man's ass on your face. Then, add to that the sure knowledge that shit will flow from that ass and the expectation that that shit will go down your throat... It was a hell of a spot I'd put myself into and now I'd see if I could deliver, or, rather, see if I could take his delivery.

Well, I did. He had a two-day pack and I took every fucking bit. I glued my mouth to his ass and I took every morsel he pushed out for me. When he had no more to give I tried to get my tongue up deeper to get more.

Boys, before this night I wasn't sure I could really call myself a shit eater. Now there is no more question. I have joined the brotherhood. I took that load and when it was done I wanted more. I was addicted. I was completely in the thrall of a strong-shit hunger and I loved it. My only regret is that it ended too soon and what I'm left with is not less shit lust, but more.

Come brothers, feed me.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Posted: 2:09 PM
A few days ago I saw a post on one of the egroups scat groups by the Internet scat legend Puddles Portalet asking if anyone wanted to contribute to a Scat FAQ. Now, as regular visitors to my scatsite will know, I've had a slot reserved in this site for a Scat FAQ from day one -- I've just never done anything about it. Well, actually, that's not quite true, I've *thought* about it a lot.

Anyhow, seeing Puddle's posting made me take some time the other day and actually get some stuff down on paper and then into HTML. You can see the results now on my Scat FAQ page. I think it's pretty good, but so far it's just a list of questions. Now I need to get going on the answers! I also invited Puddles to collaborate and I'm extending that offer to all of you readers as well. Got questions? Got answers? Send them on in!

Puddles did, by the way, agree to collaborate. This should be pretty damn good!

Wednesday, August 09, 2000

Posted: 11:10 PM
Ever wonder what a pervert like RedRight does when he's home alone and his hole starts to really itch with need? Wonder no more... Tonight I had the house to myself (a rare event) and an ass that was screaming for a workout (a common event).

I headed down to the playroom and considered my options... Having the luxury of time and aloneness I decided to do a real thorough dildo scene. I set up the bed with a dropcloth, and put my dildo stool in front of the mirror (it's the perfect height for riding big toys and sturdy as hell).

I decided to add a little extra spice and pulled on my football shoulder pads (schwing - instant hard-on).

Then I went to my toy chest and hauled out three of my finest.
Here's a picture of the three boys.
Now I know I didn't put anything in for scale, but these are big toys. All of them are about 15 inches long and at least 3 inches wide at some point.

Bachelor #1 is the easiest toy to take, so I started with him. He's a pretty soft and flexible toy from Creative Mouldings in the U.K. You know, those two speed bump rings don't look like they'd do much, but boy do you sure feel them! I was a little tender on the lips at first (what's that about? I hadn't played in a week!), but that soon passed. I was smiling by the time I went over the first speed bump and it wasn't too long before I heaved a big sigh and wrapped my assring around the second one at the base.

This was just the warm-up, so I didn't pause long to enjoy how it felt. I got off the stool with the toy still in my ass and walked to the 'drop zone' - a area of floor well covered with newspapers. Just for the rush, I squatted and let Bachelor #1 shoot out. WhooYeah! That was a rush. A wave of shitstink wafted up from the expelled toy -- its entire front section was caked with shit.

Now I had a decision. Did I want to go through all three toys or just two? Did I want to warm up with Bachelor #2 or go straight to Bachelor #3? Hmmm. You have to understand, Bachelor #3 is a fucking beast. He has a soft core covered with an 1/8th inch layer of hard shiny vinyl. This thing has *no* flex to it at all. Just getting his head in is an adventure and then going further down... Well, letís just say, it never gets any easier.

I decided to go the full round -- all three of the boys. Now, you may think that Bachelor #2 is one of the stranger dildos you've ever seen. He's on of Rudy Bishop's designs (sold by Mercury Mailorder among others). My buddy Russ Libby let me try his last year at IML and boy, oh, boy, I was sold. It's made of a very soft silicone compound and has a lot of mass to it.

Anyhow, I set Bachelor #2 up and started in on him. Having opened things up with the first toy I was sitting all the way down to Bachelor #2's wide soft base in no time. My full weight was bearing down and resting on the base. It felt so damn good I just sat there for a while, had a smoke, grooved on what I saw in the mirror, and enjoyed the feelings in my ass.

Once I'd finished my smoke I stood up and walked over to the drop zone again and hunched down. Because of his shape I can play fun games with bachelor #2 when I want him out. I bear down a little until the first bulge is just about ready to pop out of my ass and then relax and he climbs right back up inside my ass. Even once the bottom bulge is out I can play the same game with the upper one. It's a rush to feel the heavy weight of this toy swinging outside you ass as your assring clenches down trying to hold on to the greasy torpedo. Finally, though, I let him drop.

Now it was time for bachelor #3. Like I said, this is a big bad toy. Hard and stiff, I plopped him down on the stool, pulled on a rubber glove, and started to lube him up. This almost feel like a sacrament when I do it. (Not too strange, when you think about it, phalluses are common religious icons in many non-christian religions...). This boy is too damn big and stiff for me to mount while he's up on the stool, so I stripped off the greasy glove, grabbed the big black pole, and wedged him against the edge of the nearby bed.

Carefully I centered my twitching hole over the blunt head of the toy and started to ease back on it. I love this part -- feeling my assring starting to spread and stretch, opening to accept the toy. Once my ass had a grip on the top of the toy I took my hand away and really started to grunt my way down on it. Like I said, just taking the head of this monster is a trip, and it's a trip I enjoy. Wider and wider I felt my hole stretch, each fraction of an inch making my dick stand up a little taller as I sunk further down on the monster prick.

Soon there comes a pop, a little slide, and a release of tension -- I know the head is now locked inside my ass. That's when I can stand up (supporting the weight of the toy with my hand) and step over to the stool. It's a great sight that greets me in the mirror as I center the base of the toy on the top of the stool. There I am, my physique exaggerated and accentuated by the shoulder pads and jersey, mounted on this monster black dick. MM.

Carefully I slide on down the three or four more inches until my ass is perfectly full. This is stage one. Technically, the toy now just fills my rectum. This is as far as most people ever go with putting anything up their ass, nevermind a hard dildo three and a half inches wide and fifteen inches tall! My ass knows more tricks though.

Concentrating now, I take a hit of poppers and tense my guts. Gingerly, I push my body down onto the toy. I feel my inner ring, the junction between the rectum and the sigmoid colon start to spread. Just like the assring before it, it stretches wider and wider, spreading and opening to accept the friendly invader. The sensations are even more intense than the opening of the assring. There's and angle here too. I lean off to my left and twist my body, screwing the monster's head into my guts. This is all done with the greatest tenderness and care, I'm making love to myself.

Of all the play this night, this is the most difficult. The giant black pole does not bend or flex at all to accommodate the curve before it. I have to bend myself to it. Eventually, though, the passage comes: the head slides through the ring. The rush of pleasure is so intense I have to fight to stay standing. I'm left panting and it takes minutes, rushing with pleasure, for me to catch my breath.

That barrier breached, however, I am now free to enjoy something of a treat. I look back in the mirror. Visually, I'm at about the same point I was when I first moved to the stool. That's about to change in a big way though. With just he slightest bit of pressure and no struggle at all I sink down the pole. It's the big slide -- about seven inches of clear sailing as I suck the toy into my descending colon. I feel the stretch and my guts getting pulled straight around the stiff pole, but it's pure pleasure. Once I'm done the picture in the mirror is radically altered. Now all but about three inches of the broad shaft above the balls is buried. I'm *way* down on this beast. My dick twitches hard in proud recognition of the feat.

I straighten my legs and lift myself back up off it. It slides out easily. I come back down on it and it goes back in with ease. I fuck myself with it faster and faster. I know I could come now if I wanted to -- just stroke my dick a little and keep riding the toy hard and I'd shoot in a minute. I don't though. this is too muck fun t bring to a close yet. I slow my fucking and stand, knees locked, considering myself in the mirror.

This is about as far down this toy as I've ever made it -- right around three inches from full insertion. Rarely, though, have I taken the time to gradually step up through my toys as I have tonight. I sense that I may have the chance to achieve a new personal landmark; I think I can take it all.

Experimentally, I take a hit of poppers, flex my guts, and bear down on my stiff lover. This is new territory I'm trying to maneuver and I'm not sure what it's gonna take. I feel the beginnings of pain and ease up: the head-on approach isn't going to work.

More poppers and again, I tighten my guts around the toy. This time I gently lean forward and right as I push down. That makes for some progress -- the toy slides in just a fraction of an inch. I lean and push again -- more slides in. In a trance-like state I lean and settle more and more. First leaning one way, then the other, the progress is slow but real. I'm taking it!

This isn't like the two ring barriers I've conquered with this toy before. There is no sudden breakthrough - just slow progress. The whole time I'm working my way down I'm also watching myself in the mirror. The visual feedback makes me all the more excited and determined.

Now something let's go in my guts, there is a release and, in one short slide, I'm down. I've made it! My balls are resting on the balls of the toy and the long shaft is completely embedded in my guts! I've had this toy for something like five years and this is the very first time I have ever been able to take the whole damn thing. Yeee Ha!

If this were fiction, I'd say my cock was rock hard and I started jacking it like a madman. Truthfully, though, my dick went limp while I was concentrating on making those last few inches. I still started jacking it like a madman, though and, make no mistake, I was turned on as hell! I love breakthroughs like this.

Pretty quickly, though, it became clear that I was not going to be able to hold this position for long. I was getting signals from way up deep inside that something was getting stretched in a way that it didn't like getting stretched and my legs were beginning to wobble a bit too. Standing over that stool and maintaining the control necessary for this kind of maneuver can be a real workout!

I considered my options and decided to move over to the bed. Gingerly I raised up a bit and felt the big head of the toy pop out o whatever nook in my guts I had worked it into. Holding onto the dildo I turned and took the half-step to the bed. I laid down in such a way that the base of the dildo was wedged against the mattress and still applying some pressure to my ass. Then I laid back and let my fantasies loose.

That monster is so wide and so hard... It was like having a pipe stuck up my ass. In my head it became the end of a sewer pipe. If I concentrated I could see it, the pipe coming out of my ass and leading up to a toilet on a platform a few feet above me. I was the end of the line -- I was a fucking septic tank. Anything flushed down the toilet would be forced right up my guts.

Now a handsome stud steps out of the shadows and up onto the platform. He looks at the toilet, looks at the pipe, and looks at me, mounted on the end of the pipe. "Oh, you're in trouble boy...," he says in a low voice, "You're in big trouble." He steps over to the toilet and takes a seat.

"I got a big load of shit up my ass, boy. It's a big load and it's got your name on it. Now, since you said you couldn't eat it, I'm gonna give it to you another way," he tells me.

"Here it comes..." he raises up off the seat a little and grunts. I can see a fat log start out of his ass and slowly extend down into the bowl. It goes on forever and is followed by another and another. The whole time he is standing over the bow to give me the best view possible of his dropping load.

As he gets to the last bits of his dump his grunts and moans become louder. He working hard to make sure every last bit of shit in his ass ends up piled in that bowl.

I sweat and squirm. Part of me is terrified of what's coming, and another part is so hungry for it I can hardly wait. In seconds I'm gonna get a gallon or more of water and pounds of shit all flushed up my ass at once.

The stud stands up from the toilet and looks in the bowl. "Awww, fuck boy, that's a big load... You're right, boy, you probably wouldn't have been able to eat that much...."

My hand is flying up and down my dick furiously. My legs are locked fully extended, every muscle taut. I'm close to cumming.

"You ready boy?" the stud says, reaching for the silver lever on the side of the tank. "Naw, of course your not..." he says, hand on the lever. "Doesn't matter.... Here it comes."

He pulls the lever. I imagine what it would feel like to get a gallon-plus enema in a few seconds. I imagine what it would be like to have a gallon of water and a giant pile of shit rush into my ass, filling me completely. I imagine being converted to a human septic tank. I imagine the next flush, and the one after that.

My toes curl, my dick starts to twitch. I'm cumming! Images, brown-tinted vignettes flash through my minds eye. It's a powerful orgasm and my whole body locks in full flex. As my guts lock down on it I'm aware of every hard, fucking inch of the giant pipe of a dildo lodged deep in my guts.
The cumm lasts a good long time, but eventually it does come t an end. I'm left laying there, panting like I've run a race. My whole body is quivering. Fuck that was good! Fuck yeah!

Again, if this were porn, it would end here -- with the cum scene. I wasn't done though. I've still got some work t do. I'm still for several long minutes, trying to get control back. The need to get the toy out of my ass becomes more and more urgent though. This isn't some casual toy, it's all business. My business was done and I needed to get the beast out!

Experimentally, I tried to stand. That wasn't gonna work. Every angle I tried to raised myself from, either I didn't have the strength left or it meant impaling myself deeper on the rod. Either way I didn't have the fortitude left.

I started to creep up the bed and bear down, dragging and pushing the toy out of my ass. It was a fine line between being painful as hell and insanely pleasurable. Finally, my ass would tolerate no more though and it blew the last five inches out with one hard grunt.

I collapsed back on the bed and again am reduced to laying there panting. I can feel my ass still gaping open. Not just a little, but wide, wide open. I feel a pile of shit ooze out. I have no control. I am in bliss.

[You boys think I don't work for you? You think I don't sweat? I just finished this entry for you. It's the 16th. I've worked on this every day since it happened. Whew.]

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

Posted: 8:53 PM
Some RedRight travel news: I will be coming to Seattle (Bellvue, actually) on business August 12 to 19. Any Seattle-area shit or fisting pigs drop me a line. Do it NOW!

Also, I've just decided that I will be going to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair again this year. Hope to play a little dirtier than last year! Anybody of you guys going? There's GOT to be a party going on...

Posted: 5:39 AM
This new page was viewed 248 times yesterday and the new journal entry on the stories page was viewed 89 times. Cool! One person wrote to me with his reactions. Here's some excerpts:

Just read your journal of the party at IML. Shot a fuckin load right here on my desk! I seem to be right where you are in the "swing" of things.... the whole scene of you and the second guy kneeling facing each other and diggin shit outta your ass, sniffin it tastin it, eatin it.....shitdrool drippin offa chins, bites swallowed.... man... what a pigscene...

THEN I read your solo in-front-of-the-mirror scene. THAT did it. Can't tell you how many times I've done that...

FUCK, you are a fine pig. Let's talk more.

God I love getting mail like that. I'll stay humble though boys, I promise I will.

Sunday, August 06, 2000

Posted: 1:26 PM
Busy day here... Today I give to you, my shit-breathed public, two new things I've been working on here for a while. First is this page. Enjoy it. The other new thing is a new Journal Entry added to the Scat Stories page. It details my experiences at the Shit Party that happened during IML this year. It was a *very* good time!

Let me know what you think.

Posted: 10:32 AM
OK, so writing that last entry got me all horned up again.... A friend had loaned me a copy of the piss movie NYPD. I had wanted to see it because my buddy Marty, who I met at the big shit party in Chicago for IML, was in it. So, I set myself up comfortably on the couch to watch the video. Now, normally, I'm not really into piss all that much. I mean it's a natural accompanyment to shit scenes, but by itself it just doesn't turn me on all that much.

NYPD is so good, such a classic, that it overcame all that. I have to admit that having someone you know, someone you've played with, in the film adds to the fun. When I saw Marty's long hot tongue snaking into a guy's piss-filled ass I loved having my ass twitch with the memory of that same tongue in my own ass.

My favorite part, not surprisingly, was when they used a funnel and tube and loaded a guy's ass up with mug after mug of piss and then followed that with a fisting session, reaming out his piss-washed ass. The whole time they were filling him up Marty was there face-to-ass, working the tube and taking shots of piss from the ass in his face.

Marty's last scene, laying in a concrete stall with a seemingly endless stream of piss cascading down over him his hot too. He is clearly in a state of zen-like bliss. Mmmm, I hope I get to play with that man again soon!

Posted: 9:45 AM
I Just did a nasty solo quickie scene... I had an *urgent* dump waiting and was kinda horned up, so I went down the basement and did the dump on a plate. I was disappointed at first, since what came out was a big pile of steaming mush. Looking at it though, I knew I couldn't let it go to waste. It was, after all, a really big pile and it smelled so good... I grabbed the plate and ran up to the bathroom. At first I laid down in the tub and had a smoke. I was thinking of doing a smearing scene, but the more I sat there and looked at and smelled that pile of shit mush the more I knew it had to go in my mouth. My straight-up, rock hard dick confirmed my decision.

After finishing the smoke I got out of the tub, put the plate in the sink, and faced myself in the mirror. My right hand hovered over the pile of shit while my left beat my dick. I couldn't quite make the grab. I took a hit of poppers and that was enough, I grabbed for a handful of the mush. Much to my pleasure, I found a pool ball sized lump concealed in the mush. I fished it out and set it aside. I'd find a use for it later. I grabbed a handful of the mush and brought it up to my face. Deep breaths brought me the familiar smell.

Another hit of poppers and I stuck my hand way back in my open mouth. Jacking my dick the whole time I stared at that image in the mirror for a while. Still mostly clean from outward appearances, I had a big handful of shit sitting on my tongue. Slowly I dragged my hand out, using my lower lip to squeegee the sticky shit off my hand as it came out.

The sick pig in the mirror now had a face full of brown mush. My dick vibrated in response to what I saw. I wiggled my tongue a little and felt that it was entombed in bitter brown sludge. Another hit of poppers and I reached for a second handful. Getting this one in my already full mouth was a bit more of a challenge, I nearly had to suck it off my hand. That made for a real mess all over my face. What I saw in the mirror now was really making me hot. My hand flew on my dick and I knew I was going to shoot soon.

Now I knew it was time for the grand finale. I reached down and grabbed the hard lump. It was covered with stringy lumps of hot brown mush. I did another hit of poppers and wedged the big brown ball into my open face hole. Now I was really full. I leaned in to the mirror for a closed look. I made the shit ooze out of my mouth a few times. It looked like my mouth was taking a shit. The fell out and I caught it in my hand, immediately stuffing it back in. I started to bite down on it and make the mush behind it ooze out around it. Fucking nasty!

A few more seconds of seeing my face stuffed with oozing shit and I lost it, cum hit the back splash of the sink and splattered down on the shit-smeared plate. My whole body shook and I could hardly stand. Ahhh, sweet release. Damn that was hot.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Posted: 9:11 PM
I had a great email exchange today:

From: RedRight
To: AX@xx.xxxx.com ("Amanda")
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 9:35 PM
Subject: Re: Just a 'hello'

Amanda --

Thanks for the mail. I love hearing from the wide variety of people
who make up the 2000 - 5000 people a day who visit my site.

> I bumped into your page when I was looking for winter pictures
> at yahoo :-) no kiddin'! (really don't know what yahoo is doing!)

I have to say, your's is one of the stranger tales of how they found my
site. I was, however, able to reproduce it, just as you say... There I
was, seventh from the top in a search for "winter pictures." Being a
computer geek, I understand why that happened (all of my web pages
are hosted by a machine at *winter*net.com and I certainly do have
a lot of *pictures*), still, it IS kind of funny! If that kind of search
led you right into the middle of my site I'd be concerned, but, since
it took you to the warning page, it's fine. You were warned and
chose to continue. (Bravo to you!)

> As an open-minded, straight (think so) woman I am curious and
> I spent quite a while at your site, reading the FAQ and stuff and
> peeking at the pix.
> I don't judge your taste, as I think everybody should do what
> he/she wants as long as nobody else's rights are violated.
> Right? (not that I abhor anal intercourse :)

Well, that's certainly my feeling. As the Wiccians say, "So long as
it harm none, do as thou will. That is the whole of the law."

> I have to admit - and want you to know - that your descriptions
> transmit affection and devotion like I rarely found on the Net or
> somewhere else where sex is the subject. Congratulations! Really.

Thank you. That's one of the nicer compliments I've received on my site. Yes, I really do enjoy the stuff my site is about. There is more to me than what the site is about, but I am passionate about it. Part of it too is that I really am almost completely shameless, in the literal sense of the word.

> If there were more people like you who are able to give others
> an impression of what they themselves feel (and if those others
> would listen!), tolerance would make a big step forward.

Again, thank you. You are perceptive. My site operates on many levels. On the one hand, it is intended as pornography. On another level, however, it is also intended as propaganda. There is a none-to-subtle subversive message that sex is good and nothing to be ashamed of, that it is (or can be) a very powerful positive force in people's lives. Somehow, in America if not all of western culture, that message has been lost.

> BTW: cool bike you have, man! (although I prefer Kawasaki,
> was riding a LTD 440 for long years)

It's another of my passions. Just this past week I replaced the 1994 VFR 750 that's seen in the pictures on my site with a new 1999 VFR Interceptor 800. Yeeee Ha!

> Have a good and hopefully long life!

And to you, peace, long life, prosperity, and lots of good sex!

a.k.a. RedRIght

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