The Scat FAQ

Working draft.

Note: The Scat FAQ has had a child.'s ShitBase is the filth-smeared bastard child of my Scat FAQ here. Like many children it's groing up to be bigger, stronger, and smarter than its parent. If you like what you see here you *must* go visit ManScat and that site's ShitBase.


What do you mean by scat or shit play?

[Puddles] The word "Scat" is derived from the ancient Greek word for dung or excrement. The Jazz singing style is thought to be called scat because the singers are just 'talking shit'. In the context of this FAQ, however, Scat refers to sexual play involving shit.

Shit play encompasses a 'Brown Rainbow' of sexual desire. Some scat players are only into the visual aspects, such as watching someone take a dump or looking at an unflushed toilet while aroused. Many are into smearing shit on their bodies. Some like to eat shit. Still others are into 'Farming' or gathering shit from public toilets. For most it is probably some combinatation of these activities.

Mentally it is multi-faceted as well. For some it is an extremely intimate exchange between those involved, almost a sacrament. For others it serves as the climax of a heavy BDSM or humiliation scene. Even animal shit can be incorporated into scat play. Safe to say, if it has to do with the intersection of shit and sex, it?s scat.

Do people REALLY do that?

[RedRight]Yes, they really do. If you go explore some of the sites I list on my links page you'll find photographic proof.

Aww, come on! Are you crazy? That?s sick!

[Puddles] There are probably health-care professionals who will say that even masturbation is a sick activity given the right motivation. On the other hand, anything you do that you are comfortable with and don?t find the need to impose or inflict on uninterested parties isn?t sick. The biggest category of mental illness associated with scat is probably the guilt that some people feel from doing it.

If you are, say, missing work to go looking for shit sex, you do have a problem. The shit, however, isn?t it. The problem is the obsessive behavior and that could be focused on anything. Being into shit, in and of itself, isn?t sick.

[RedRight] Personally, I don't think so. Personally, you might. We could argue back and forth and probably never reach agreement. That's OK, as long as we can also agree that if my behavior doesn't harm you then you have no basis to try and control it. In short: Keep your laws off my body.

Crazy? Define crazy. Outside societal norms? Certainly, and quite happy being so. That's part of the fun. Being outside of societal norms, however, is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. Society is arguably enhanced and strengthend by a diversity of behaviors. Behaviors outside the norm help define the norm. They are the societal equivalent of mutations in the biological world. A certain amount is necessary for healthy evolution and change.

How can that possibly be erotic?

[RedRight] I'm not sure I can really explain that. Fetishes and kinks work below the rational level of our minds, down near the subconscious. That's what gives them a lot of their power. A rational answer on a kink or fetish will always miss the mark by a bit. None-the-less, I'll try.

There are many aspects of shit that are erotic for afficianados. Many of these are mental. For some the mere fact that it is so very taboo is enough to eroticise shit play. Add to that the fact that shit is highly symbolic, giving it a great mental kick. When you play with shit you are manipulating a huge variety of symbols and metaphors, many of them with powerful erotic content. For others, who find the exchange of power erotic, the complete submission given by accepting another's shit in or on yourslef is the key erotic element. For myself, there is an element of challenge to shit play: it is hard sex. That challenge is, in itself, erotic. Also, shit is an offering from deep inside the body, making it very, very intimate. Finally, its association with the anal region, a highly erogenous zone, adds to its erotic power.

On the physical side, shit also has some very attractive elements. It's warm and squishy, like a fine mud on a hot summer day. The feel of shit on your skin can be very sensous. Even the smell, which we are programmed to dislike, avoid, and fear is actually an intense, rich, complex odor that can have many erotic elements if you just let yourself smell it.

Finally, perhaps the overriding element, the sum of all the others: shit is INTENSE. Your whole body, your whole mind are wildly stimulated when you get into it.

Isn't shit poisonous? Won't it kill you?

[RedRight] No, it's not poisionous and playing with it generally won't kill you.


Are a lot of people into this?

[RedRight] That depends on what you mean by a lot. Scat is certainly not the most common of fetishes or kinks, but it's a lot more widespread than most people realize. Witness the fact that there are a fair number of commercial sex sites dedicated to it. That means there are a good number of people willing to pay to see it. The Scatsite portion of the Redright web gets about 600 visitors a day and it's just a relatively small, non-commercial site.

It's just a Gay thing, right?

[RedRight] Absolutely not! There are a lot more straight scat enthusiasts than Gay ones. We Gay boys don't have the corner on the market for perversion -- we just have more fun with it!

Again, I turn to experience with my site: Early on I added about 50 Gay scat pics to my website and they were moderately popular. Then I added 12 straight scat pics to my site. They were so popular they very quickly started getting more traffic than the rest of my site combined. I had to remove them because the traffic was overruning my site.

An unscientific survey with the aid of a couple of search engines showed that at least 80% of the web sites found in a search for "scat sex" will be straight. That's gotta tell you something.

Is shit play illegal?

Are stories, videos, and pictures of shit play illegal?


I really want to get into scat play but I can't get past the smell, what can I do?

[RedRight] While there are things that can be done to moderate the smell of shit you can't get rid of it. Stink is part of the essence of shit. In general, what you must set out to do is to reprogram your brain so that the smell is no longer unpleasant. How? Slowly. If you're asking this question there there is already some aspect of shit that is erotic to you. Work to build an association between that aspect of shit and the smell.

Almost since birth, you've been brainwashed that the smell of shit is a 'bad smell' (and that shit was bad in general). The smell itself isn't really all that bad. All you have to do is gently undo that bad programming you've unconsciously received and replace it.

The next time you take a dump and you're wiping, reach out with your mind to that aspect of shit that is already erotic and, once you've made that connection, take a good whiff of the dump you've just dropped. Sniff the brown smear on the toilet paper and think your favorite dirty shit thoughts. Your brain is a powerful associateve engine. There are hundreds of little everyday exercises you can do to build erotic associations with the smell.

For me a lot of the aversion to the smell of shit was just unfamiliarity. My solution was to build familiarity. It's pretty normal for me now to take a deep long whiff of my dumps. Farts too provide great opportunity -- when someone blows a cloud in your vacinity your reflex might be to hold your breath. Get over it! Smell it -- there's treasure in the air!

I really want to get into scat play but I'm afraid of getting together with someone and loosing it (puking, etc.). What can I do to prepare myself?

What is meant by shit "farming"? (...and where can I get some seeds!)

[Puddles] Farming is scat slang for collecting shit from public sources. It is scat without the donor knowing. The ?Farmer? usually traps shit in a toilet by turning the water off so it can?t flush or by using devices that allow water to pass through, but retaining the shit. Some farmers also search out beaches and parks were guys shit outdoors, like surfers at the beach or party spots in large parks. Some farmers have sophisticated ruses to get people to not flush the toilet. They might pretend to be a janitor and telling the shitting person that there is a plumbing problem. Some farming requires a lot of nerve, some a lot of patience. Outhouse lovers may fall into the farming category.

[RedRight] I'll be selling the seeds in my new Yahoo on-line store very soon... :)

How can I get the smell of shit off of my skin after a shit play session?


What are the health risks associated with shit play?

[RedRight] (Temporary answer whail I do a bit more research)

Here are some links to information on infectious agents of concern to scat players:

Parasites and bacteria: shigella, giardia, e-coli.
Viri: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C

[Puddles] Shit can contain things that can hurt and even kill you. There are several infectious agents that can be passed in shit and are of particular concern. Parasites are at the top of the list. Giardia is common bacteria in the western US. I can?t say for the rest of the planet, but, it is here. It is found in ground water and works its way up. It is a bastard to kill too. E-coli gets a lot of press and is also a concern. There are many strains of e-coli, most are perfectly harmless, and some are only mildly dangerous. However, there are some strong strains that have surfaced in recent years, from livestock and their shit. They can make almost anyone sick, however they have only been fatal to children, the elderly, and others who have compromised immune systems. This is the same bug you can get from undercooked meats. Hepatitis, a virus, is the other major concern. There are shots for the more common A and B strains. A new strain, however, now referred to as C can kill you by destroying your liver. Without a transplant you will die. Think about how good your health insurance is when you consider this one folks! I know I can?t get a new liver.

Is there anything I can do to protect my health before I get into shit play?

[RedRight] (Temporary answer, copied from the Pig Pages Health Section) You should have the Hepatitis A and B vaccine, as well as pneumococcal (pneumonia) and a yearly influenza vaccine. You may even want to take the thyphoid series of vaccines.

It's too late for precautions, I played, I got sick, what do I do now?

How likely is it that the HIV virus will be passed by shit play?

[Puddles] I don?t think it?s very likely. There are a few problems with HIV transmission during scat sex that aren?t covered in most safer sex guides. Gone are the days when we didn?t understand how the retro virus worked. Now we know. It is a big fucker and not very good at taking care of itself. HIV dies when exposed to oxygen. Temperatures below 70F or higher that 120F kill it too.

If we were to blow up viruses to visible size you would see another important aspect of HIV: it's big for a virus. If the Rhino Virus which causes colds were the size of a penny, then HIV would be the size of a large beach ball.

You can?t catch a cold without exposing yourself to Rhino virus through a mucus membrane. Most people get colds from breathing in Rhino Virus and it passes into us through the mucus in our noses. It?s too big to get through normal skin! Now imagine that beach ball HIV trying to get in. It needs a special point of entry. You practically have to roll out the red carpet. The easiest is injecting HIV directly into your blood stream. Or exposing an absorbing mucus membrane to enough vital HIV to allow it to survive being absorbed. Like your rectum or a woman?s vagina.

It becomes much harder to transmit via excreting membranes like your mouth, nose, or urethra. The very act of excretion flushes HIV away. The mouth, in particular, is a poor point of entry for the virus since it is constantly excreting saliva, which flushes the HIV away. Breathing also keeps the mouth well supplied with Oxygen -- a killer gas to HIV.

So, during a scat scene there are few opportunities for HIV to gain access to you. First, shit only contains small amounts of HIV and shit isn?t a very hospitable environment for HIV. Most of the virus would die. The shit would have to be pretty bloody for there to be enough HIV for transmission.

Next, you?d have to expose your self to the bloody shit by shoving it up your ass. (By the way, if your partner has bloody shit, stop playing and call for an ambulance. Please.) Eating it probably wouldn?t provide a good enough opportunity for it. Smearing it exposes it to the air and kills it. So, I just can?t see where HIV transmission can occur in scat play.

How do I know if it's safe to eat a particular guy's shit?

[Puddles] If your donor has disease it can be passed to you. With this in mind consider who your partners will be in scat play. You should try to know the health status and recent history of your tops/players. Many of these ailments have symptoms. I would suggest not playing with anyone who is ill, uses drugs habitually, or lacks basic hygiene habits. Raunchy is cool, rotting might get you sick.


What foods make the best shit?

What are some foods to avoid?

What kind of diet should I follow if I want to produce massive quantities of shit?

[Puddles] Eat fiber. Lots of fruits and vegetables. The down side is that they will be very soft. For hard turds reduce your fiber and eat binding foods high in protein. People on the Atkins diet have very hard shit. The down side is that there is less bulk to it. A top holding off the urge may make bigger harder turds. The lower colon absorbs moisture from your shit. Reclaiming the moisture your body added to lubricate your food during digestion.

How can I control when I have shit to play with? // How can I be sure I'll have shit for a shit scene?

I'm going to feed a beginner, what should I eat to make my shit easier (blander, less stinky) for him to deal with?

I'm going to feed a real pig who craves abuse, what should I eat to make my shit as fucking nasty as possible?

I don't have diarrhea, but my shit is usually pretty soft and mushy, what can I do to firm it up?

Can shit be stored? How is it best done?


Is there an off-line shit newsletter or contact rag?

Yeah, it's called Jack's #2 or The Shit List. (More information coming soon.)

Is there an on-line shit mailing list?

Yeah, about a dozen of them. (More information coming soon.)

Are there other on-line resources for shit men?

Are there any venues that hold shit play parties?

[RedRight] Damn few. There are two that I know of, the most famous is 'het Vagevuur' in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They have scat nights every other month (currently on the 4th Saturday). The other is the lab.oratory in Berlin where their motto is "dress dirty - play safe." They have some sort of scat event every month.

Are there any scat clubs or organizations?

What IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels are frequented by scat players?

[RedRight] On EFnet you will find #gayscat and #gayraunch. #gayraunch usually has more people on it but, as it's name implies, #gayscat is a little more focused.

Shit Videos

Where can I get some good shit videos?

What is the story behind the classic "Dave's" "Basic Training..." and "Life of Service..." videos?

[RedRight] Well, I only know a little of it. There are two series of three tapes each. All the titles in one series start with "Basic Training" and all the titles in the other start with "Feeding the Hungry" They were made sometime in the 80's with tender loving care by a handsome young guy named "Dave" from San Francisco. You can see the list, and order them from the Dirty Boys on their video sale page ( about halfway down the page...)

By my measure, the movies are probably the best shit films out there. The Federal Government, however, decided that this had to be stopped and got Dave on tax evasion.

He was actually sent to jail from what I heard. He is out now, and living around SF, but, understandably, keeps a low profile. I would love to talk to him someday.

I, personally, have a special connection to the video "Basic Training: San Francisco Style." It was my bridge from Fisting to Scat. There is a scene in it where a pretty young blonde boy (who I later learned was Dave, himself) gets fisted with a very full ass. Needless to say it gets wonderfully messy. I was so disgusted I couldn't stop watching it. I must have nearly worn out that spot on the tape. From there it was just a short hop to starting to watch other parts of the tape - starting my brown slide into scat.

I have the pleasure of knowing two of the pigs featured in the videos and I have always intended squeezing them for more info... Someday, I'll have to get the whole story. For now, let's all just enjoy Dave's legacy.


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