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November 6, 2001: Cleared out dead links. New links coming soon.

There was a time when the RedRight web was just about all there was for fisting on-line. That's changed in a big way now. There's web-rings, commercial sites, fisting groups, and a other great information. These links are all hand-picked for your enjoyment and education.When you visit, tell then RedRight sent you. Go ahead, explore!


Essential Fisting Sites

Even if you follow no other links from this page, check out these.
The Pig Pages A Great site! Features profiles of other pigs sorted by geography (a good way to make contact!) Also don't miss the Swine Flu Section - Q & A for asking a real doctor things you couldn't ask your own. There is also an AVS-protected (Mancheck) pay side to the Pig Pages with picture galleries. Kudos to the PigMaster for keeping most of his site free!
The Handball List The Handball List is THE place for fisting afficinados to hang out on-line. This web page gives you an easy web-based interface to the majordomo mailing list robot that manages the list.

Once you've joined the Handball List there's also a members only website with member's profiles and lots of good stuff!

There is also a European Handball List (though the main list is world-wide).

The Handball Calendar
of Events
A World-wide calendar of fisting related events, also available on the Pig Pages. You'll be amazed at the number of them! Calendar created and maintained by Phil, the Handball list owner/maintainer. Here's Phil's main web page.

Other Free Fisting Pages

There are still some other free pages out there. Here are some I like. By and large these are either small fisting sites or outstanding personal pages. Have a look!
Personal page of a big ole' hunky FF bottom from Milwaukee, WI, USA.
This site is really coming along. He's got a great community setup. Content is still a little light, but this board should be a great resource for information about fisting (handball) with an emphasis on Asia.
Ringold Alley
Named in honor of the legendary cruising spot in San Francisco, this site had a bit of a bumpy ride in early 2001 but is well on the raod to recovery with a slick new design. The kink, bareback, leathermen, and IML 2001 galleries are back on line although, as of Fall 2001, they're still working on bringing back the Gay Male Erotic Art section (my favorite!).
Anal Fisting for Women
Women aren't my thing and I'm not gonna convert anytime soon, however, I know that a lot of women visit my site and I'd be remiss if I didn't list this informative site. Main headings are: Misconceptions, Techniques, and Links. Good info from a promising site.
A Dutch fist pig who was featured in the fisting video "Depth Charge." Although his site includes a gallery section protected by AdultCheck, there is enough free content that it's worth a visit. The play music and fisting video lists are particularly worth a visit.
Another hot Dutchman with an excellent web site. He has some great action shots a webcam and even a little bit of dungeon video.
Phil, a.k.a. Leather Personal page of the man who maintains the Handball Mailing list and the Handball calendar. From Toronto.
Meathook's Page A UK player who's page has a collection of Fisting Tips, Porn Pics, A guide to the Hanky Code, and a Gay Dictionary. Good site!

AVS Protected or Membership Fisting Sites

You may have to pay to see what's inside these sites but they're still a valuable part of the fisting web world.
Bart's E-World
This Crisco Kid's on-line UK playroom includes hot photo journals of some of his recent play sessions, a listing of FF music, and a good FF info page. Most of the site is free, but the dirty pictures from the playroom are protected by Adult Check.
Rainer - Berlin
This is a great site. Links and pics of an assortment of kinks and fetishes from a very hot Berliner. Topics include Fisting, Skins, Rubber, Scat and lots more. A lot of the site is free, access to the hard-core pictures requires Adult Check.
Chris Ward Porn Star and Director Chris Ward has created a great, high-quality site. Besides pictures of the man himself, he's got stories, commentary, a buddy of the month, and a links page. Protected by AdultCheck.
Olympia Leather Men Cottage Industry at it's best! Two hot Olympia WA (USA) leathermen have set up thir own membership site with fresh on-line video (AVIs) content. There's also plenty to see for free! VERY HOT!
Fist World
Although it bills itself as a "Free Fisting Homepage for the Gay Community" it's not free. It's protected by Adult Check. There are decent previews, but the really good stuff (and there is some, have no fear) is behind the Adult Check screen. This site also loads rather slowly and has annoying pop-up banners.
Detlef's Home Page
A personal site from a hot boy in Hamburg Germany. Features FF, leather, and rubber content. Most of the site is in German but I was still able to find the hot bits and enjoy the site. German and English versions available. Protected by AdultCheck, UGAS, and Man Check.
Trust Magazine
What a wild trip it's been for this magazine. In it's original form, a modest newsletter started by Bert Herrman, it did a great deal to create the widespread popularity fisting has today. Now it's a glossy magazine with an on-line version as well. AdultCheck is required if you want to see any of it however. It's another product from Hot House.

Fisting Rings & Link Pages

NOTE: As of October 2001, the WebRing system is no longer part of Yahoo. This is probably very good news and hopefully some of the rings that have languished a bit on the past few years will be revitalized.

There are two fisting rings on the Internet, both loaded with great sites. Here are their index pages.

The Handball Ring
Down to 31 sites from a high of 100. This webring is run by Jim Morton. Here's the ring's homepage.
The Fist First Ring
31 Sites. The webring is run by Forearmpro. Here's the ring's homepage

Fisting Groups, Places to Play, Places to Stay

This is NOT a complete list, just those that have websites. A more complete list will soon be availble in the Fisting Facts section of this website.
Pigs of Portland
Portland, OR, USA
Pigs of Portland [010507]
Social group that hosts monthly bar nights and play parties. Good men, good site.
Inn Leather
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

A Leather and Fetish friendly guest house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Features a dungeon with slings, clothing-optional pool, and a hot tub.
Red Hankies of San Diego (RHSD) San Diego, CA. Founded in 1989 RHSD has grown into a world-wide organization with more than 300 members in 30 states and 5 countries. Their quarterly newsletter features member's classified personal ads. Their founder, Bill Fryer, is a wonderful guy and a talented top.
The Sling San Francisco, CA. Ground zero for fisting in San Francisco! Fisting Parties every Saturday night at one of the best playspaces on the planet. The founder, Russ, has sold The Sling, but they're still going strong and their website is looking great, with a good fisting FAQ and all the information you need about play at The Sling.
Het Vagevuur EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands. No other place like it on the planet. Parties for most any kink at some time during the month, fisting is a frequent theme. Extensive website.
M.A.F.I.A. Mid-America Fists In Action, Chicago, IL. The original Fisting organization. Their newly expanded website looks great and has what you need to know wether visiting or joining the group
London Reds Headquartered in London this is currently the premier fisting organization in Europe. They host regular socials. An extensive website which, unfortunately, now appears to require Mancheck to get into. Pity..
F.I.A.T. Fisters In Action - Toronto, Canada. They host monthly play parties.
Handballers of Atlanta Atlanta, GA. They have, unfortunately, stopped hosting play parties. Happily, there are other alternatives in the Atlanta area, such as Fort Troff, and the Sanctuary.


Here are some of my favorite suppliers for dildos, videos, and other fisting necessaries.
Toys & Gear
The entrance page says, "Square peg produces erotic art objects out of silicone..." The artist here is clearly a butt pig of major proportions and his uniquely-shaped dildos bring together that piggish desire, a keen asthetic eye, as well as a genuine concern for functionality to produce toys that left me thinking, "Ohhh, that would feel *good*." He's adding new designs regularly so the site merits frequent visits. Check them out!
People often ask where they can get a good portable sling frame. This is the place. I have played in one of these frames and I'll tell you they are absolutely secure and comfortable. This is one hell of a quality product and I've heard good reports about doing business with these guys as well.
One of the hottest Mom & Pop operations on the web. I think this is the best U.S. supplier of the outstanding Creative Mouldings dildos from the U.K. on the web. Check out the Really Big Dildos and Gigantic Dildos sections.
Mercury Mail Order This mailorder house has been one of my favorite dildo suppliers for years and their website is first rate. Go visit the dildo mines!
Mr S Leathers / Fetters Their motto is "When you're ready for the best." and they mean it. Some of the finest leather gear on the planet is available here. Also a huge selection of other bondage & fetish gear. Their 300 page catalog is a work of art.
Hot Enema Equipment One of the best places to get enema equipment and toys on the web. A very extensive catalog including bags, shower nozzles, colon tubes -- you name it!
Leather Creations
Their website is a mess but still worth a visit. They offer a nice assortment of toys including several very affordable slings in nylon, leather, or canvas as well as several other unique items. They also have a catalog. Site for Recoil.557 rubber wear. I am in awe of this site. It's a work of art. See it. Drown in it. Love it. Be a dirty bastard.
Hot Desert Knights
Videos and a small sex store. These guys feature fisting, barebacking, and watersports videos that are raw and real. Reasonably priced and very hot. A great place to buy tapes from a variety of sources as well as HDK's own great titles. They offer a lot of content for on-line viewing but you must become a member (nominal $9.95 one-time fee).
These folks offer 5 man on man FF tapes (as well as a host of other combinations and fetishes). I've reviewed the FF tapes and they're worth the cash. Their tapes are collections and reasonably priced. Click HERE for a direct link to their Gay tapes.
The cover a number of fetishes, and they feature 'real guys' not models. Their Ass Play section is of particualr interest to us. In particular, consider "Bad Ass", "Anal Assailants", "Plow Me" & "Spread My Hole"
Hot House Video
The entire site is protected by Adult Check, but once you're inside there's lots to see. These folks have produced and published some of the very hottest Fisting video in recent history. "Club Inferno," "Plain Wrapped," and "Dirty Dutchman" are the labels for their fisting tapes. These guys (the hosts of Phoenix F.F.A.Z.E.) have produced two very hot bareback fisting videos and they're for sale at this site. These videos are of *professional* quality and feature real men playing, not models.
Falcon Video
Falcon has been at it a long time and they have a number of titles that include great fisting scenes. Check out this list for a reference to which titles would be of interest to fisters. They also have a unique line of toys in their 'Accessories' section.
The Butchdick Collection
The ButchDick Collection is a series of original pencil sketches of naked men by San Francisco artist Loren J. Macias. The work is rough...raw. Faceless, like the stranger in the alley. One of the few artists you'll find who shows fisting in his art. Beautiful.
Wim Griffith
Art Gallery

Wim is a wonderful artist who frequently exhibits at events like International Mr. Leather in Chicago and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. His distinctive silhouette sculptures of male nudes and leather men are great for home or dungeon and make great gifts.
Projet X This French magazine puts our American Kink press to shame. Seeing a few copies of their magazine was almost enough to make we want to learn French (although they feature an increasing amount of material in English). Beautiful, kinky, and filthy. Their website is well worth a visit, even if you don't speak French. You can buy single issues of Project X in the U.S. at the Tom of Finland Company Store.

Basic Reading

Knowledge is power, power is sexy -- get educated.
The FAQ An excellent, consise, kink primer. Well worth a read no matter what twists you like in your sex.
The Society for Human Sexuality A tremendous on-line resource for all kinds of information on sexuality. Well organized and with great search engine. They have Leather's Fisting FAQ on file as well as Bert Herrman's Handballing Guide plus a good bit of other fisting related info.
Jack Rinella's Leather Views
Jack is a Chicago-based leather writer and Master. His site is informative and fun. For Fisting beginners the article "My God, I've Got My Hand Inside of You!" is a great read.
The Lycaeum One of the leading places to get information on all the interesting chemicals some of us use and abuse in conjunction with fisting. Serious technical information. Very valuable.
Entheogen Vaults at Another repository of good, solid information on a huge variety of recreational drugs. Detailed information on Kava Kava, Ketamine, GHB, including trip reports, dosing information, and FAQs.

Other Good Kinky Sites

Some of the other wonderful and perverted sites I recommend and enjoy...
The Deviant's Dictionary
This project aims eventually to provide a comprehensive and interactive on-line encyclopaedic dictionary of BDSM-related terms, an 'encyclopervia' of the Net. Dirk, the primary author, has made a very good start on this goal. It's already an essential reference work. Ther site features not only definitions and short descriptions of terms, but also excellent factsheets on topics such as Fisting, Flagellation, and Knots.
Chris Rage's Journal at Treasure Island Media
Five parts so far (one, two, three, four, five), all in the "Stories and Pictures" section of the site. Chris Rage is a hero of mine and these are a fun read, real or not. They also sell some very rare kinky videos and have a lot of other good content as well.
This is a sexy, literate, hot, beautifully designed, and well edited Gay e-zine. They also have a member site called the Innter Circle. Very smart and very pro-sex. Great combination.

Useful Sites for Perverts

Not necessarily fisting related, but useful, none-the-less.
(Formerly GayScape)
Gayscape has taken all of their Adult Content and split it off into a seperate index. Still a great Gay web indexes. With categories like "Male Art by Fetish," and "Personal Web Sites: USA by State" you gotta like these folks.
If you cruise for sex then you really want to visit this site. Even if you don't cruise, this is one of the best, most sex-positive Gay sites on the web. The city by city reference is useful for any sex traveler.

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