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January 24, 2000
I'm talking to an artist, a contemporary of Tom of Finland and Etienne, about showing his FF-related art here on the RedRight web. If this works out you'll be seeing some beautiful original Fisting art unlike anything you've ever seen before and it will be a RedRight exclusive!

January 12, 2000
Added 2 new galleries on the fisting side of the site: "ManholeUK Multiples" and "FF Art" I did these in a more elaborate style than other galleries. Go check 'em out.

December 19, 1999
I rotated the advertising (on the picture indexes) on both sides of the site.
Please, guys, take the time to click on these once in a while as you browse. It's just 5 or 6 cents per click, but it's those clicks that support the site. A steady stream of clicks on those banners helps me keep the site Adult Check free.

June 29, 1999
The HoleShots gallery was broke for Netscpe users, so I fixed that. Updated and added links to the Links page.
(Damn but I am pumped for CDA's 50 man, 3 day fisting orgy, the InFISTational!! It's gonna be a HOT 4th of July!! Fuck I can't wait!)

June 19, 1999
Just added a new gallery on the fisting side called 'HoleShots' anybody who loves assholes and rosebuds should definitely take a look.  Also, I'm starting a few new things to let people know what pages have been updated.  If you look at the title bar of this page, you'll see a 990619 at the end?  Well, for any page that's updated, that will be the date of the last update (yymmdd).

May 26, 1999
Had a great time at IML, attended a major shit party Friday night and hung out with Russ Libby, from SF, who runs the Sling parties out there.  No shortage of action, I came home exhausted, but wishing it could have gone on longer.  I was amazed at the sheer numbers of guys flagging red.  Hello to Albert, the sex animal from Munich, and Dirk, a big hot skin from SF.

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