This is the place to look for the facts about fisting, the how, the why, and the wherefor (as in wherefor the hell does an arm go when you do that?). This is the home of the original FFFAQ (Fist-Fucking Frequently Asked Questions list) and I'll be collecting and adding more information as fast as I can get my hands on it.

fist-fucking frequently asked questions

The Intelligent Man's
Guide To Handball
a good article from an unknown source

Reflections on the Responsibilities New Page [021211]
of A Handball Top
an article by Fritz of New York,
a great top who knows his stuff

Fisting A Virgin New Page [021211]
advice on opening a new hole
by Chris Ward, a pro fisting top

Fisting Book Store Updated December 18th, 2002
list of books of interest to fisters
purchases support the RedRight Web

Fisting Video List
list of known vidoes with significant fisting content

Fisting Anatomy
just a few drawings at this point, text to follow