O.K., So maybe I'm strange, but when I want porn, I want the written word -- one handed reading. These stories are where this website got started and they're still my favorite part. I'm glad to be able to share them with you and, if you have any to share, send them on in!

The only criteria here is that they turned me on. The "Communications Decency Act" is being happily ignored and copyrights are probably being abused as well. If you suspect that stories about men having sex might violate your (unconstitutionally vague) community standards then Go Away!! If I'm violating a copyright you hold, let me know and I will cease and desist (or get permission -"Please Sir?").

Rock Bottom
by Mack Shafter
Once a straight man always a straight man, right? Maybe, maybe not. With patience and skill you might just make Rock Bottom.
Original fiction, from the author. [17k] Added 7/13/01.
The Birthday Boy
by Bud Clark

Another birthday surprise story. Two friends find out how many times 40 goes into 20. You can have a lot of fun if you're the Birthday Boy. From Manscape magazine. [29k] Added 7/13/01.
Spurs and Diamonds
by Jeff King
For a birthday surprise, how would you like... Spurs and Diamonds? We should all have a friend who treats us this well! From Toy magazine. [35k] Added 4/4/99.
Afternoon Delight and Friday Night Surprise
by The Crisco Kid

The Crisco Kid remembers the Afternoon Delight of his first fist and the Friday Night Surprise of a night at the infamous Slot. Via email. [16k] Added 1/22/99.
by Will Preston

Sure fisting is the hottest sex around, but it can also be a lot more. This story is nearly poetry and the sex, something close to a sacrament, something like Eucharist. From Drummer. [20k] (used with permission of the author)
Eucharist II:
The Bottom's Point of View
by Will Preston

Hot men, romance, lust, and fisting, the sequel to Eucharist has it all. The top told his side in Eucharist now we get The Bottom's Point of View. [24k] Added 1/20/99. (Originally published in Tough Customers, used with permission of the author)
Two bikers get rough with a young car thief in the woods. He enjoys it. A classic from the Fist Fucker's Handbook. [41k]
Two Boys
Two little bottom boys get into it with each other, but Daddy is watching. From the Net. [11k]
First Fist
One man's tale of his First Fist. A bath house story.
Possibly from Drummer. [8k]
Unexpected Four
A soldier on leave takes a buddy to the bathhouse for a little R & R. He gets an Unexpected Four. From the Net. [13k]
Going to Church
He's got the itch and he goes out to cruise, but he ends up Going to Church. Source unknown, possibly from the European magazine Toy. [5k]
The Beautiful Boy
This Beautiful Boy craves abuse. He gets it. Source Unknown. [18k]
by Jeff King

A pickup in a bar leads to a fisting scene on the railroad tracks. These men know how to use their Hands. From The Name of the Game, published by Toy Magazine. [15 k]

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