First Fist

It was back a few years ago, I was cruising upstairs at the 315 over on First, and I came across this hot little blond surfer type. We started getting it on, and our hands both started going for the ass at the same time. He called a halt to go fetch the Crisco and poppers. Now, fisting wasn't particularly on my mind... I figured we'd trade fucks and that would be that. How was I to know that there were gay surfer types in Minneapolis who got into handball?

Well, pretty soon we were busy finger-fucking each other while we sixty-nined. Then he called a halt and sat up and looked at me. "Wanna go further?" he asked. "As in what?" I replied. "Fisting man!" "You or me?" "Whatever," he muttered. "Well I've never had it, but I'm up for trying." BINGO!! The idea of a virgin ass really turned him on, so pretty soon I was on my back, sitting with my ass propped up on a pillow and him sitting cross-legged below me.

Your head's gonna get it done for you," he told me. "You gotta want me inside you. It's just like taking a big cock. It'll hurt like hell goin' over the widest part of my knuckles, but then, once it's inside, you're gonna loose your fuckin' mind!

Well, we smoked a little and I was getting pretty mellowed out and that dude wasn't trying to hurry me. We talked about all kinds of shit, but all the while there was this insistent pressure at my asshole. "How much you got in?" I'd ask him from time to time, but he'd never tell me. "Don't worry about it," he'd say, "just relax and enjoy."

Well, the whole time he was at it I kept playin' with my cock, and that made my ass tighten up, so after a while, he pulled the rawhide laces from his boot and tied my hands up behind my head. Now I don't usually do bondage with a stranger, but we were pretty into each other's heads by this point, and I figured what the shit, my legs were still free to kick if he got radical.

He kept at this for about an hour, all the while there was a firm pressure at my asshole... then he looked up at me and said, "Pull you knees back to your tits." "Is this it man?" I asked, "I'm not sure I'm ready" "Oh you're ready man, your ass is just beggin for my hand. Cummon, pull 'em back." He got up on his knees and started pushing my legs down with his chest until his face was right over mine. Then he gave me a mean smile and growled, "Take my fucking fist man, you can do it! Cummon!" He shoved the poppers under my nose, and I felt the pressure at my asshole build to an almost unbearable point then my ass caught fire! One firey bolt of pain and he was in! The fucker had his whole damm fist up my butt!

"Slow deep breaths man... Take slow deep breaths. Get used to it, then we'll play." Now my cock was rock hard by this point, and I could have come if he'd just breathed on me. I didn't think that it could get any more intense/painful/better, but it did. He shoved the poppers under my nose again, and started to make a fist inside me. Now I could really feel my ass getting stretched. "AARRGGHH ! ! !" I screamed, "take it easy man." "Just makin' the fist dude. Now I'm gonna do a little twistin'." "Oh GOD!" I yelled as I felt the incredible pressure of his fist rolling over inside me. He leaned into it as he began to twist his arm into my ass, and I could feel his fist move a fraction of an inch further in. Then he did a little more twisting, and I did a lot of twisting, and yelling, but he just kept at it, slow and steady, stuffing my ass with his clenched hand.

I drifted into a semi-trance impaled on that hot little dude's hand. Experienced bottoms say that there's a good deal of yoga and meditation involved in stretching your ass enough to take a fist, and as he punch fucked my ass I began to understand what they meant.

After another few minutes of this he looked up at me and grinned. "Ready for a little depth?" "You're running this trip man. You've got me tied up and held down so I can't move anything but my eyelashes. Guess if you wanna go for depth I'm gonna have to go along huh?" "Fuckin'-a-right dude, you just slide on down my arm, we're gonna go for the elbow!" Now that might sound a bit radical for the first time, but once he'd gotten in past the knuckles it was just a matter of degree. Actually his out-stretched hand was easier to take than his clenched, rotating fist. I laid back and tried to relax even more as he leaned into my ass, and reamed it with his fist.

Slowly, I felt his arm edge deeper and deeper. As his hand passed through the second sphincter it was like the initial entry all over again. After that though, it was twice as wild. His arm got wider and wider and I felt it stretching both rings at once.

"Can you sit up man? I want you to see, you've got my fuckin arm up to the elbow!" I didn't believe him, but he pulled me up till I was bent like a pretzel and I could see my taut, red asshole stretched around the beginning of his bicep. "Oh God," I moaned, "let me come please. I gotta come so fuckin' bad!" This turned him on even more, and he began giving me long slow strokes with his arm... all the way out to his wrist and then all the way back in to the elbow! "Oh, yea man, shoot your fuckin' load, Cummon man, shoot it!" Finally he grabbed my cock, and it was all over, my cock exploded. I must have come for five minutes!! "OK, OK, ease out man!, ease out!" Slowly he withdrew his arm, and we both collapsed.

"Like it ?" he grinned. "Like it! Jesus, I loved it! You've got great hands man." "You might be sore for a day or two." "That's cool," I replied. "You wanna do me?" he asked. "Yea, as soon as I catch my breath." We stretched out together and dozed for a while, then I started to get itchy to get into his ass. It only took about half an hour... he was experienced, but I have fairly big hands.

He took my hand easy when I got it in, but he started to get worried when I started sneaking a couple of extra fingers up alongside my hand. "Hey, uh, I don't think I can take much more..." "I grinned and said, "First time for everything dude." "Yeah, well, I guess, only go easy man, OK?" "No problem, just relax and enjoy."

Well, it was only about another fifteen minutes and I was shakin' hands with myself inside this dude's steaming ass. Now it was his turn to beg. "Oh, Christ! Let me come please! Jack me off man! I gotta come !" Well that presented a problem since both my hands were busy, so I took his aching cock in my mouth. His back snapped into a tight arch, and his asshole clenched tight around my wrists until I thought they were gonna break. He shot so hard I thought I was gonna drown! "JJJJEEEESSSSSUUUUSSS! Take it out... Please, take it out!" I slowly pulled one hand and then the other out of his exhausted hole.

We both staggered to the showers, and soaped each other down, then we crashed. We exchanged phone numbers and played a few times after that but eventually I lost track of him. I'll never, never forget him though.

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