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July 9th, 2002: Sorry folks, but Blogger the wondertool is blowing chunks when I try and publish this page right now so were stuck with a very old back-up. Be patient. -- RedRight

Welcome. This is a place for site notes, news, and for me to share what's going on in my life, my hole, my head, and my mailbox. I'm using a gadget called Blogger I can update it easily which should mean regular fresh content. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

-- RedRight November 5, 2000


Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Posted: 4:18 PM
Well, folks, today is a personal landmark for me. It's my birthday and I'm 37. This morning, the first time I wrote that simple declarative sentence, I had three almost simultaneous reactions: First was a flood of self assesment; a little regret mixed with a modicum of self satisfaction. Next came the traditional age panic: Oh my god, I'm almost 40. Finally, though, came a sense of triumph. You see, I'm supposed to be dead.

A few years back I was on a mailing list that served as an on-line support group for a crowd of HIV Poz Boys. One of the regular posters, in his signature, had the line, "Living in the Bonus Round." That's me all over. This is my bonus round.

I found out I was positive about 15 years ago. I was 21. At the time the best research showed that someone who had just turned HIV positive had a life expectancy of about six years. I really never expected to see 30. Now look at me: 37! If any of you ever catch me complaining about getting old come find me and give me a great big dope-slap. 37? This is great!

By the way, for the curious out there: When I turned positive I was kinky only in thought. I didn't take my first fist until 22. This whole fisting thing, that's part of my bonus round too.

Take care boys. Play hard, play safe. And all you other Poz boys out there: Enjoy your bonus rounds too!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2000

Posted: 7:28 PM
Just a quick note... Last weekend I finished a big update to the links page and this weekend I finally got this Fisting weblog thing whipped far enough into shape to open it up for the whole wide world. I actually initiated it back in August, but it was pretty crude and primitive back then. Now I've added all the pretty stuff and it's ready to roll.

On the links page I added more than 20 new links and then tested all of the existing ones, updating those that needed it. Also, I reworked the categories a little bit. A links page is a big pile of work folks. I actually started that update back in August (just after I wrote the entry below) and I just finished it. Whew. Check it out and I hope you like it!

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Posted: 5:48 PM
Occasionally I get fan mail. It always feels good and it's always appreciated. Once in a while it's from someone who really gets what my site is about. (Yes, there's more on my agenda than providing good jerk-off material!) Only very rarely is it from someone who manages to give me such a boost that I see my site in a new light and am re-energized. Last week I got one such message and I want to share it with you:

From: Kathleen M Isabell [dog.star@lycos.com]
To: RedRight@winternet.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 1:35 AM
Subject: web page kudos

Dear RedRight,

I often surf for unusual topics, and so quite by accident I came upon your pages. I have no prurient interest, simply an open-minded curiosity about the diversity of people in our world, and the things they find important or enjoyable. I'm actually a pretty ordinary married lady in the U.S., a bureaucrat, a stepmom, not even too kinky. :-) But then again I don't shock at all, to speak of, and I found your page well done in both content and artistic quality. And ease of navigation (always a big plus with me).

I believe that people everywhere, perhaps particularly young people, should have sound, no-nonsense information on any topic they desire, in this instance sexual practices which are not commonly discussed (i.e. fisting and scat experiences). You have done your social community and curious young men a great service by providing clear, honest and unflinching information on your chosen subject. Your FFFAQ is extremely well written. But of course! You are a writer... I read your poem about the man who wanted more than you could give, and the story about Brendan and Cal. I enjoyed them both, and the latter I found very moving. Short stories are difficult to write well, but you have treated the reader to a gamut of emotions in your story. Sort of left me with a heaviness in my chest. Is there more of your literature on line? I am sure I have missed some on the site.

Perhaps you've gotten hate mail from folks who just don't understand that you are not just displaying porno, you are celebrating yourself, sharing a rather personal part of your life, and trying to be honest and straightforward with the sincerely curious. Am I assuming too much? Anyway, I appreciate that on behalf of kids or older beginners who wish to learn, to stay safe and healthy while exploring new sensations.

Peace & best wishes,
"When all else fails, pet the dog."
"Dog is my co-pilot"
"Sometimes you are the dog, sometimes you are the hydrant."
Belltower Equines
Byron, Wyoming USA


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