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When I went looking, I was amazed at how much good shit there was out there on the web. Here are some links to get you started in your own explorations! If you know of more sites you think I should be sharing with the world then send them on in!!

Essential Shit Sites

These are the central sites for shit on the web. Each of these sites will go a long way towards getting you turned-on, educated, and connected to your fellow shit-lovers on the net. Dive in!
The Scat List
at Queernet
May 7, 2001
Gentlemen, this is it. This is THE scat list. There may be dozen's of little lists scattered all over Yahoo and whatnot, but they don't want us there. Who can find them all? Who can keep track as they come and go? Queernet is a welcoming place and the environment we need for a good mailing list to flourish. Go, JOIN NOW!
May 7, 2001
This is the best new shit site on the web. It's the unofficial companion web site for the subscribers to the scatlist at Queernet (and anyone else who really digs shit). The Webmaster who's built this site claims my ScatSite was his inspiration, and give me way more credit than I deserve. He's gone way beyond my humble site and ManScat is growing every day. His "ShitBase" puts my Scat FAQ to shame! You must see this site!
The Pig Pages Scat guys will want to pay particular attention to the Pig Pen profiles that include scat questions, and the Swine Flu feature where real doctors discuss several scat-related questions. There are slso picture galleries, Pig Pointers (links), and an events list. The site also caters to piss and fisting afficianados.
The Gay Scat Ring With 38 sites, this ring covers most of the scat sites on the internet. Lots of shit to see.
Potty Humor Central
Updated April 24, 2002
If you ever fear your starting to take shit too seriously, visit this site. A new animated shit cartoon every day, plus archives for the days you miss. This will brighten your day.

Personal Pages

These are the creame of the crop, sites that had me running to my shit-buds sayin, "You gotta see this!. You're gonna love it!" Go take a look, I'll bet they do the same for you.
This hot Chicago boy has some very intense personal accounts of his shit experiences that had me cumming for a week. He's got a few pics to sweeten the deal too.
(a.k.a. Bernard)
Updated April 24, 2002
This filthy frenchman has had a great site for a long time but he recently re-did it an made it even better. His galleries of personal scat pics are some of the best on the web and his link page almost made me decide not to do one! Bernard also has a very good seperate homepage.
Shit Eating Freak
This guy is it, the top (or bottom) of the shit heap. He gets as sick, perverted, and filthy as you can in the shit scene and he has great pictures to document it. Very heavy action, very graphic pictures. I am in awe!
Rainer - Berlin A hot German skinhead with a very good, extensive site. His collection of scat pics is just one of many, including fisting, dildos, and rubber..
Puddles Portalet's
Personal Pages
One of the on-line shit greats. See his stories in my story collection or see the complete collection here at his site.

Story Sites

Something about the way I'm wired makes me prefer words over pictures when it comes to porn. Accordingly, I really like sites that archive good stories. Here are some I've found that have scat stories.
White Shadow's Nasty Scat Stories White Shadow's Archive has a lot of stories but the Gay stories and the Straight ones ar mixed. Still, for us scat guys, this is one of the best archives on the net.... besides mine, of course! Almost 40 Gay Scat stories. Also visit White Shadow's main page. for nsaty stories of other scenes.
archive with search
The archive for the newsgroup. A good source of gay stories of all kinds. Scat is a searchable category with 28 stories registered as of this writing.

Sites for Posting & Reading Scat Ads

Besides the Pig Pages (listed above) there are some other good sites for posting ads to make contact with fellow shit-buddies. Here are two that I like to cruise.
Bootjaq's Men's Room Bootjaq is just a shadow of its former self, but the Men's Room is still there with a lot of categorized ads, including scat ads. Bootjaq's main page is still well worth a visit too.
The Latrine The internet's virtual bathroom wall! A place for guys into raunch to leave their scrawl. A free part of the Jolly Johnson Wet and Messy World site
de J's Personal Ads Part of the larger de J's Dining Room site but this is so big and so good that it gets a mention of its own.. More than 100 ads.
Scat Lover's Gay Scat Ads A membership site with a free area for personal ads. About 100 ads.

Places to Play

Hard as it may be to believe there are actually places that throw regularly scheduled scat parties. Not in the United States, of course (Godamnit!) but they exist. No, I've never been. Not yet...
Het Vagevuur Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The Vagevuur is legendary. There's no other place like it on the planet. Parties for most of my favorite kinks at some time during the calendar, shit is a bi-monthly theme.
the lab.oratory
(snax club)
Berlin, Germany. I honestly don't know much about this one, but from thir website it's clear that they do have pis and shit parties on their calendar.

Commercial Sites Worth Visiting

There's not a lot of commercial action on the scat front, but there is some. I'll list more as fast as I discover them!
(formerly MudMen)
A very well-done site that offers a newsletter subscription and videos for sale along with a high-quality mud/sludge/raunch picture that changes monthly.
Wet and Messy World A membership site by Jolly Johnson. The only one I know of on the web dedicated to us raunch guys. That alone makes it worth a look.
Steve Holden Video "Wet & Messy Youngmen, doing dirty deeds! HOT Gold & Brown Action!" This is a site to advertise his video series. There are a few sample images but he asks for a credit card # to verify your age. The videos will appeal to some, but I found them uninspiring. The performances are mostly solo and there's generally not a lot of energy in them. I list this with reservations.
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