IML Scat Party

Journal Entry - June 6th, 2000


IML Scat Party
June 6th, 2000

I came home hungry. All I can do now is remember, and wait for the next time. It's amazing how normal it all seemed while I was doing it...

The cab drops you off in a quiet Chicago neighborhood. It's full of three-floor apartment buildings from the teens. You approach the address you were given and see two men sitting on the steps. You introduce yourself in low tones and they direct you up to the second floor.

The party site was a 2 bedroom apartment that had been well plasticized. Most of the apartment had the walls and floor completely lined with black plastic sheeting. In the kitchen was pop and a keg. In the bathroom was a shower and a waist-high pile of towels.

When you arrived you signed a release and then you're sent to a back bedroom. All your clothes come off and go in a box that you label with your name. I kept my boots.

You wander at first, trying to get the lay of the place. One bedroom has a TV set up with shit videos playing. On the floor in the back of the room is a piss trough big enough for five or more guys to get hosed down in. There are already puddles in it.

What would be the dining room appropriately has three rim seats in it. No action there yet when I arrived. The next room has a sling set up next to a fireplace. That's empty too on my first tour. I check out the frame and the way it's hung. I know my slings and I know I'm going to end up in this one before the night is out. Checking out the rest of the room I realize that one whole wall is 'false' and conceals a tiny private area with another, single rim seat and space for a bottom to stretch out under it.

Off to the side the sling room opened onto another smaller room with a four-holer outhouse style plywood bench along one wall.

This was the playground...

After I got the lay of the place I returned to the kitchen to have a smoke and gather my courage. I wasn't really all that nervous, I knew I was going to have a good time, but this was a new thing for me and I wanted to take my time and get the feel for the situation. The kitchen was a no-play zone. There was a keg of beer and some pop there. Videos were playing on a bad TV sitting on top of the 'fridge.

The crowd was all visibly happy to be there and every one was anxious to make introductions. Frankly, there are maybe three people I remember meeting at the party, but it wasn't for lack of being introduced.

Russ, the buddy I'd come with (and one of the stars of Dave's famous scat videos) was already diving in and playing. Even for an experienced scat player like him this party was a special event and he was ready to make the most of it right from the start.

Once I'd settled in a bit I ventured off into the black maze of the play areas. Taking a right as I left the kitchen I went into the small bedroom. I had to piss. I stood and watched the video for a bit. Russ was on the screen, an ass planted on his face. It was a younger man on the screen than the Russ I knew, but his voice and the rapid-fire way he jacked his big dick made him recognizable.

A man came in and drilled me with his eyes. He was older, late 40s, early 50s but he had a tight body. It felt good to have someone hungry for me. His chest hair was already visibly wet with piss. His eyes were a little wild with some drug. "You want some piss?" I asked. In answer he just knelt in front of me. He took my cock in his mouth and I worked at letting my load go. I hadn't given anyone a load of piss for a few months so a controlled release took some concentration. The flow started and he moaned in appreciation. It was hot listening to him gulp it down and I enjoyed the feeling of pumping my piss directly down his throat.

Another guy, younger but carrying a little extra weight came in. We made eye contact and he took that as permission. He got down behind me and started in at my ass. I was saving my shit for later but it felt real good having two mouths working on me front and back. Before long another guy joined us and planted his face on my tit, slowly working around to suck my pit. I was glad that I hadn't showered or used any deoderant. I knew there'd be some pig that'd want to taste me there.

On the video screen Russ was still eating a guys load and I was still standing so I could see. It was a pretty damn nice way to start the party, I thought to myself. Hot videos to watch and three men appreciating my body with their mouths. I ran my fingers through the hair of the guy on his knees in front of me and sucked on the neck of the man eating my pits. I was building up a good head of flesh hunger myself. It felt so good just to touch and suck my cohorts.

I was out of piss, but the first guy was still sucking on my cock. He was good and I got the start of a hard-on despite the drugs I was on. It was a sign of how turned on I was since it usually takes something a whole lot nastier than a little mouth service to get my dick hard! I started to try and disengage myself from the four-man tangle we had become. That took some doing -- these guys were really hungry and I seemed to be a dish they enjoyed. The one at my ass asked if he could have some of my shit later and I told him that it had another pig's name on it... The one on my cock told me to look him up later when I had more piss. The one at my pits came up and we did some major face sucking before he too released me. (Not before I'd gotten a good mouthful of the taste of my own sweat mixed with other men's stale piss from his beard though!)

They stood around me, still hungry. I slipped out as at least a few of them tangled back together with each other. I made a pass through the play spaces. There was Russ under a rim chair taking a load from the biggest, most masculine stud at the party. It was good to see a true pig in action, it gave me something to aspire to! The sling was empty with a few men hanging around it expectantly, but all of the other play spaces were seeing action of one kind or another. There were spectators too, but these men were into action and there were more men playing than there were watching.

I circulated back out to the kitchen to catch my breath. There were three or four guys out there. One of them really caught my eye. I eyed him as I lit my cigarette. He matched my height at about 6'1" but there wasn't an ounce of the babyfat I carried on his lean frame. His abs were flat and his legs and arms beautifully defined. His chest was covered with a mat of black hair and he wore a trim goatee on his face as well.

Rather than just stand and start I introduced myself and he returned the favor. His name was Marty and he was from New York City. Talk quickly turned to what we were into and his short list included fisting a dirty ass. Bingo! I knew I'd found the man for my first major scene of the night.

We stood and smoked and got to know each other a little more. Here and there a hand would wander and we'd cop feels of each other's chests, dicks, and other choice parts. Feeling his damp chest hair I couldn't resist a little nuzzle. The smell of piss with a hint of shit made my dick jump. As I came up from that we locked eyes and then mouths and shared a flavorful kiss. He gave great tongue.

I told Marty I was looking for a hot top to dig deep into my dirty ass. I could see the interest in his eyes. "I love deep asses," he said. I grabbed his arm just at the elbow and said, "Is that deep enough for you?" He smiled. We finished our smokes quickly and continued checking each other out as we did. I really liked what I saw. I remember wishing like hell there were men like this at home!

We made our way back to the sling. I rested my butt back against the sling and held him to me for a minute. We kissed and I worked my face down his chest, through his delicious chest hair, and across to his tits. He, meanwhile chewed on my neck and ran his hands all over my body. They were wet from somewhere and as they passed close to my face I picked up the smell of manpiss and shit -- I was getting my first anointment with the party's own special sauce.

I laid back and Marty helped me get my legs arranged in the sling. It was a little short for me and felt kind of folded in half. For an instant I worried that I wouldn't be able to stretch out enough to take Marty's long arm but I pushed the worries aside, stretched out as far as I could and made myself comfortable.

Marty's brown eyes sparkled wickedly as he reached over to the can of Crisco beside the sling and started to grease up his hands. I reached out and grabbed his elbow, saying, "I'm gonna paint your arm brown."

His touch was gentle from that start and I knew right away that this was going to be a good session. One of the fellows from my earlier piss session got between the sling and the wall on the right side and started gently stroking my chest and whispering words of encouragement.

It was no struggle at all to take his hand and I sighed with the initial insertion. I could tell right away that he'd hit shit, my ass was stuffed and I loved the full feeling. He started to explore, probing his way through the shit-load filling my ass. In just a few minutes he'd threaded his way in past the soft obstructions and discovered the path to the deeper parts of my ass. They guy to my right offered me some poppers and I accepted them gratefully. They were damn good and I sailed away on the rush.

Marty got a few fingers through the deep twist in my ass and I whispered to him, "Yeah, that's the way, take me deep." He gave a careful quarter twist of his hand and the rest of it slid on through. For me it felt like the first time, all over again. I let out a loud, "Oh yeah, Marty!" He smiled down at me and a crowd began to gather.

Marty gave a quick check of, "You OK?" and, gaining my happy assent, started to explore a little deeper. Actually, it quickly became a lot deeper. Right after that twist for the deep entry there's a long straight shot in my gut. Every time a new top gets to this point and suddenly finds there arm sliding in, smooth and straight, for a good ten or eleven inches I always get a kick out of it. The looks on their faces are priceless. Marty was experienced enough to see this as just a sign of things to come -- all I saw on his face was a raised eyebrow and the hook of a corner of his mouth into a smirking grin. I smiled back with a satisfied "Oh Yeaaahhh," and he knew he'd found a true fellow pig.

That big slide is always fun. It's a rush for me and the top. Tonight it was even better though because as Marty's hand slid on in it was bulldozing a big load of shit back up into my ass as well. There's no feeling like having a hand slide through a load of shit deep in your gut and, having been there as a top, I knew the slide through the deep mud of my gut was one Marty would enjoy too.

"Deeper," I called out to Marty, "deeper!" Heeding my call he knelt down and gave it to me straight from the shoulder. I took poppers again from the man next to me and consciously relaxed. A little probing and some gentle twists of Marty's arm and I felt my ass start to stretch around the wide part of his arm leading up to the elbow. Damn he was good!

With a good top, unless they have quite short arms, this is where the challenge lies in playing with me. A good top with shorter arms is almost guaranteed to be rewarded with the feeling of my ass sliding over their elbow and we finish our play with my ass trying to chew it's way up over their biceps. The arm in my ass, however, was not a short one. Built like me, Marty had a good 22 inches or more from his fingertips to elbow. That's just about my maximum depth and, good as it felt, the shit up there wasn't going to make it any easier.

Marty was gently digging deeper into my ass. I could feel the whole length of his arm, buried in my ass. I could feel the shit sliming down his arm with every movement. I was moaning almost continuously with the flood of intense sensations. The tiniest movement from the embedded arm brought cascades of pleasure from my guts. I kept concentrating on relaxing and taking more poppers from my buddy beside the sling. Mortis face alternated between a look of intense concentration and a smile of enjoyment. If he was having half as much fun as I was he was gonna keep on smiling for a long time to come!

For the brief moments I could spare any attention from the great arm-fuck I was getting I saw that the crowd around the sling was building. It was three people deep and they were all clearly enjoying the show. I have to admit that I took some pride in that – at a party where there's sex aplenty to be had you've got to be giving a pretty good show to get others to give up their scenes in favor of watching your own!

The heavier guy from my earlier piss scene was to my left near the foot of the sling. He was reaching up to stroke my chest and play with my nipples. He probably didn't realize it but the angle of his arm across my belly nearly paralleled that of Marty's inside my guts. His arm dragged across my belly with just the lightest of pressure and the sensations inside and outside amplified each other. When Marty's knuckles dug into the soft flesh of the man outside's forearm with my belly wall in between I nearly blacked out. It was like an electric shock! It felt good but it was too much. Far beyond words at this point it was all I could do to reach out and gently push the outside arm gently away.

Marty, meanwhile, had discovered the key technique for getting my ass to open up and keep swallowing: He'd lean in, applying pressure and exploring for a little while and then release the pressure, pulling back just the tiniest bit, letting me relax a little. Each time he came back at me with the pressure I felt my ass stretch further and open wider. I knew my ass ring was sliding closer and closer to his elbow. Knowing that made my dick soar tall and hard over my belly.

Unable to resist any longer, I grabbed my cock and started pumping it. Marty rightly took that as a signal that I was going for my nut and started working me in a way he knew would take me over the edge. At first he just lengthened his strokes. He'd pull out a little each time he released. Each stroke a little longer, the feeling of his arm starting to really slide through my ass was incredible.

As the strokes got longer his hand started to cross the line between the deep and shallow parts of my ass each time. I started to moan and holler each time he made that passage. My noise egged Marty on and he started to speed up the strokes. The faster he went the more I yelled and the harder I beat my cock. Eyes in the crowd started to pop as Marty began to give me rapid fire full-arm strokes. I was out of my head with pleasure. I didn't know my name or where I was, all I knew was how good my ass felt.

The pleasure was insane. On the in stroke Marty would dig deep into my ass, putting the weight of his body behind his probing arm and making my ass ring stretch wide right up to the fat knob of his elbow. He'd hold the pressure for a moment and then release, pulling back slowly at first and then faster, gaining momentum until his hand dragged back out of my deep guts and returned to my rectum. A gently but quick twist in the other ass and then wham!, he'd slam his arm all the way back in, threading his way right back to full depth.

I was trying to hold back, this felt so good I wanted it to last forever. I was loosing the battle though and when Marty took the next step, ripping his hand all the way out of my ass with each stroke, I knew I was gonna loose it. Each stroke was a mind-blowing fuck all by itself now. My hand flew up and down my cock and Marty's arm was flying in and out of my ass. He was giving me long full strokes – slamming his hand in then driving on until my ass ring gripped his elbow and right back out only to repeat it over and over.

Finally it came, the orgasm. It started with every muscle in my body going tight -- an exquisite contraction that started in my heels and swept down my body from there. I must have nearly broken Marty's arm. He held it at full penetration, bouncing his elbow off my hole, which intensified the already overwhelming pleasure. I screamed out my joy, "Oh, Fuck, Yeah Marty! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" and my dick shot a huge load. It flew all over my belly, my hand, and my chest.

Marty held perfectly still for a moment as the contractions and spasms subsided in my body. I felt like my whole body was vibrating. I remembered to start breathing again and took a few long ragged breaths and let them out slowly. Though still and relaxed, Marty's arm was still at nearly full depth. "You ready?" he asked. "Yeah," I said breathlessly. Slowly, gently, Marty started to pull his arm back.

Each inch seemed to bring another orgasm. My dick continued to twitch, spit, and dribble cum and my hand continued to lazily stroke it. I was still in a very far away, happy place. When his hand finally came out of my ass thee was a wave of wonderful shit stink. He held up his arm. As I had promised, it was painted brown from fingertips to elbow. From the crowd there were whispered calls of, "Fuck yeah," and "Damn that's hot!" I smiled weakly, soaking up the praise.

Marty brought his hand up to my face and showed me the shit-encased paw. I took deep breaths; greedily sucking up the shit smell that hung around it in a thick cloud. Gingerly, I stuck out my tongue and gave it a lick. Immediately I recognized my own brown flavor mixed with a hint of Crisco. "Mmmm, yeah, that's me all right." I said, gaining a chuckle from Marty and a few of the surrounding crowd. "What a Pig." someone said admiringly.

"What should I do with this?" Marty asked, holding up his big handful of shit. "Should I put it back inside?"

"Yeah, put it back for someone else to enjoy," I sighed.

Carefully, his fingers returned to my hole. It was a delicate job, but little by little, he worked his hand back inside. I sighed happily at the feeling of being filled again. With a deft, slow twist he brought his hand back out, leaving the shitload back inside my ass.

He held up his arm again, still sporting the elbow length shit-smear. "Damn," I said. "Fuck yeah?" He replied. "Fuck yeah."

I reached out, took a bit of shit off his arm, and then used it to as war paint, adding a pair of diagonal stripes to my chest, just below the nipples. Marty smile and, following my lead, painted two more stripes on each side.

Clean up took a while and the crowd thinned but when I finally stood from the sling there were still a number of men there watching with admiring, hungry grins. I was dizzy and Marty held me for a long embrace. His smell now was an intoxicating blend of shit, piss, and rich sweat.

There were immediate offers for more play to both of us but we needed a break and retreated to the back porch to catch our breaths and have a smoke.

After the intense session we'd had it felt good to stand out on the porch and just chill for a while. As it turned out Marty and I had a lot more in common than height, weight, age, and perversions. We were both healthy positives, both lefties, we even wore the same chaps and harness. Once again I found myself wising I could find a man like this a little closer to home. Thoughts of finding cheap airfare to NYC followed close on the heels of the wish.

Chill time over, Marty and I went back into the kitchen. We traded contact info both for IML and at home and then we separately returned to the party.

I was now a man with a mission and unsure of having the courage to complete it: I wanted to eat some serious shit. The fisting had been easy, familiar territory. Make no mistake, it had been an extraordinary session, intense, wild, ecstatic sex, the like of which you have all too rarely. Nonetheless, it was something that I knew, before I walked in the door that night, that I could and would do. Fisting is my forte. Shit fisting is just a spicy variation on the familiar theme. Eating another man's load of shit, on the other hand, was new ground, still mostly the realm of fantasy for me. Yeah, I'd downed nibbles of my own and tastes from a few other guys, but partaking of a real shit meal, gobbling a whole shit fillet -- that I had not done and it was what I hoped would be the menu for this evening.

Marty had told me earlier that he was already empty for the night so chasing his handsome, tight ass, attractive though it might be, would get me nowhere. So, I set off on my hunt. I cruised the party, looking for inspiration and a man with a full ass.

Inspiration, as it turned out, was the easier of the two to find. The hosts had screened their guest list well. These men were real shit players and taking full advantage of this rare gathering. All three of the rim seats in the dining room were in use. Seeing a chance to watch my favorite shit scene live I hunkered down across the aisle from them so I could see the bottom guy's mouths. These were three hungry pigs and their mouths rarely left left the asses they were feeding from. I could see the tops? butts straining and the bottoms? jaws and throats working, so I knew this action was for real. It was hot, but what I wanted to see was the shit. I wanted to see the shit making the passage out of a man's ass and on into the mouth of a man below. Finally, my patience was rewarded. God what a scene. Even in the very dim light of the play area I could see it. One of the bottoms dropped his face from the ass he was eating and sucked air loudly. The top gave a groan and the point of a log slowly poked out of his ass. The bottom lay there, jaws cranked wide, and waited for his prize to fall. It was a long turd and, before it fell there was a moment where the solid log of shit connected the man's ass above to the bottom's mouth below. That's what I wanted to see, that's where I wanted to be! My dick swelled to full hardness and I stroked it lazily as the bottom chewed and swallowed, making the pile of shit disappear down his throat. In no time it was gone and his mouth was glued back to the ass of the man who was giving him this perverse communion.

I moved on, back to the room with the outhouse bench. Here was my friend Russ hard at work under another mans ass. Russ was an active shit eater. Though his head was hidden beneath the bench you could still see from the rest of his body that he was working for his stinking brown meal: his whole long body tensed and squirmed as he ate the load of the handsome stud sitting over his face. No doubt about it, Russ was a pro. What more inspiration could I want?

In the corner was a hot blond younger guy who's face reminded me of drawings I'd seen of the Greek god Pan. His chaps and armband had a yellow stripe and he wore a knotted yellow bandanna around his neck. True to his colors he sprawled out on the last seat of the outhouse bench, mouth open, and took piss loads from two men who stood before him, hosing him down. This, I was later to find out, was Jeff, Marty's roommate for the weekend. One of the very few regrets I took home from my excellent IML weekend was that I never had the chance to play with this perverted NYC hottie. Someday soon I gotta correct that!

Everywhere I looked, the men I most wanted were already deep into action of their own. Slowly I circulated back out to the kitchen and hand another smoke. I traded friendly chatter with Marty and a few of the other men there. Russ appeared, his full beard plastered with shit and framing a true shit-eating grin. ?This is a great party,? he said. I agreed and told him where I was at. He wished me luck, took a swig of his beer and headed back to the play area. I followed soon after.

I was drawn back to the outhouse room. A man tagged me on the arm and whispered, "Can I drink your piss?" I faced him and ran my hands over his smooth wet body. Mine would not be the first load he'd had that night. "Yeah, man," I replied. "Get down," I said, placing a hand on his shoulder. I turned so I could see the action in the rest of the room as he knelt in front of me. Piss isn't really my scene but I have to admit that it felt damn fine standing there, watching two or three other hot piss and shit scenes with a man gently sucking my dick. I stroked his fine damp hair and slowly started to let my piss flow for him. I cupped my hand behind his head and listened as he gulped down every drop that I gave him. He pulled back briefly and looked up at me. The smile on his face was beatific. I couldn't resist giving him a shot of piss right at the top of his chest. He looked down, caught the flow in his hand and then, looking back up at me, lapped the piss out of his hand. Gently he took my cock in his mouth and once again drank direct from the source. Before long I was empty, but he continued to mouth my dick until I reluctantly pulled away. He rose and said, "Thank you." I embraced him, held him tight, feeling my own wetness still on him and said, "You're welcome."

Back to my hunt. There was one man, older than I, but with a small, tight body and scant body hair that had caught my eye several times during the night. I had seen him in both top and bottom action and that attracted me too. Just as I was getting ready to leave the outhouse area, he was coming in. I reversed my walk and followed him in. He caught on that I was following him and turned to face me with a smile. We stepped back into the corner of the room and I got up close. I whispered in his ear, "I'm a beginner shit-eater and I'm hungry for a load, you wanna help me out?"

His hands were all over me and mine on him. "Yeah, I'll help you out. I may not have a lot to give, but we'll see what we can do," he said. We leaned in and kissed. He tasted of piss and a little shit. This is what I wanted. "You wanna get under the seat?" he asked, indicating the outhouse bench.

"No," I said, I don't think I'm quite ready for that. Just let me eat your ass while you stand for a bit, OK?"

I slid down the length of his body and squatted behind him. I buried my face in his ass. Just as I had hoped his ass cheeks were hairless with just the lightest dusting of hair around the lips of his ass. At first I just gently lapped at his hole, testing the waters. There was the hint of piss and sweat, but little other flavor. I was hungry for more and started to dig deeper with my tongue. Soon I was really burrowing with my tongue, digging as deep as I could up his hole. He bent over and touched his hands to the floor for support as I really went for it. My nose and mouth buried in his crack, I raised my eyes, drinking in the view up over his ass cheeks and up the length of his back. I don't know why, but I love that view of a man.

My tongue felt him flex his hole, trying to move some shit for me. I moaned in appreciation and worked his hole all the harder with my hole. With each flex of his hole I would get a small helping of juicy butt-slime, rich in flavor. My dick was at full attention. I worked all the harder for these small tastes, but he really didn't have a lot to give.

Sensing my frustration, he pulled away and turned to face me. We were both squatting down on our haunches. He reached back and fingered his own butt. When he brought his finger back it was coated with brown. Smiling, he offered it to me and I went down on it hungrily. I licked it clean, savoring the fruity, bitter taste of his shit. I devoured the finger and then greedily started to mouth more of his hand until almost the whole thing was inside my mouth. He started to wiggle his fingers around inside my face. I swallowed hard and forced my mouth down harder on his hand, thinking of some of the puke stories I'd read. My gag reflex started to make itself felt so I backed off -- I wasn't quite ready to go there yet. I pulled off his hand and he returned it to his ass, returning with another finger full of flavor for me which I again went at hungrily. As I sucked that clean he leaned in for a kiss and I shared some of the flavor still in my mouth while our tongues tangled back and forth.

As I leaned back, he asked me, "You OK?" "Yes!" I whispered back, "This is what I needed, thanks man. Here, I've got more for us." I reached around and fingered my own dirty hole, still holding most of the shit Marty had stuffed back inside me at the end of the fisting session. I brought it back and it was coated thickly with shit. I held it between our faces and we both moved in on it, kissing with the finger between our mouths.

Next I went back with my hand and shat out a little of the paste from my ass into the palm of my hand. I brought it up and took a deep whiff -- yeah, that was my smell, I knew it well. I lowered my face and took a tentative lick. My buddy leaned in and did the same. I took a more enthusiastic lick and suck and again my buddy followed my example. I brought the hand back to my own face and this time I took a bite, sucking about half of the shit from my hand into my mouth. I offered the hand back to my partner and he lapped up the rest of the load. He looked up again and kissed me, forcing his dirty tongue into my mouth. I sucked his tongue and then fucked my tongue into his mouth. He took the cue and sucked my tongue clean of its shit coating. Back and forth our tongues went, each searching the others mouth hungrily for traces of more flavor.

While we were still kissing I reached back and dumped a bigger pile into my hand. I brought it up close to our joined faces and, reacting to the smell he broke our kiss, gobbled the whole handful, and then locked his lips back onto mine.

He had a mouthful of soft shit paste and he made a good portion of it ooze into my mouth, working it between my lips with his tongue. I gagged a little now and broke the kiss but as soon as the reflex passed I dove for his face again and thrust my tongue between his lips. More shit! I wanted more shit!

This time it was his hand that went down to my ass. I got the message and squeezed out another handful for him. He brought it up and presented it to me. I looked into his eyes and he said, ?Do it man.? I lowered my face, opened my mouth, and scooped up the whole handful with my teeth and tongue. It was a thick paste and a strong flavor. Part of me wanted to gag, but I fought it. My buddy asked, "You OK?"

"Yeah," I mumbled around the shit. "Yeah!" I slithered my tongue out of my full mouth and he leaned in close. I licked him on the left cheek then on the right, leaving brown smears. He kissed me hard, pushing my tongue back and getting his well into the shit I held in my mouth. Next he pulled back and painted my lips and face with his tongue.

Some timer expired in my head. I'd had that mouthful of shit too long. My gag reflex kicked in hard and I thought I was going to loose it. "Give it to me, give it to me," my buddy said. He put his arm around my shoulders and I grabbed his head with both hands sealing my lips to his. I let the gagging blow the shitload from my mouth and into his. I slid one of my hands from the back of his head down to his throat and felt him swallow my load down. Damn that was hot, feeling his throat gulp convulsively, knowing my shit was sliding on down to his stomach.

We kissed again and he sucked the shit drool from my mouth, swallowing it down. "Thanks man," I said.

"Aw, fuck, thank you man," he said. We rose, both of us still drooling shit. We embraced and licked each other's faces more or less clean, and parted.

When I returned to the kitchen my buddy Russ was there and standing in line for the shower. I realized that the party was breaking up. Reluctantly, I started to get myself together too. There was more discussion and fraternizing as we all stood in line to shower The special atmosphere of the party was slowly dissolving back to mundane reality. Numbers were exchanged and relationships cemented. Marty was there and we talked a bit more too. It had been a good night.

In the end, I called the party a great success for myself. I didn't go quite as far as I wanted, but I went a hell of a lot further than I ever had before. Next year, I'll go back. I'll go back and do more, go further. I can't fucking wait.

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