Bible Topics of Interest

Christian Minimalism
Bible based minimalist understanding of Christianity.

The Spirit Model of the Universe
The ancients lived in a prescientific time but they weren't stupid.
They developed a reasonable system to explain reality that still works.

New Studies into the Origins Of Christianity (Under construction)
In recent years significant research has been done in the study of the origins of Christianity.
(Note: this is a long essay in several parts.)

The Oedipal Conflict in the Canaanite Pantheon
Modern analysis of ancient Hebrew words, religious practices and history result in a new understanding of the earliest parts of the Old Testament.
(Note: this is a long essay in several parts.)

The Christian and War
Can a good Christian participate in the waging of war? I don't think so.

My Testimony
My personal testimony (sort of) - For whatever it's worth.

The Real Problem
From birth all we know is what our senses tell us.

The World's Oldest Ritual
Animal sacrifice and the Bible.

The Crossing of the Red Sea
Two separate accounts were merged to form the final text, one is the "movie" version the other a battle. What really happened?

The 11 Commandments
Eleven "Commandments" are listed in the text. Catholics combine the first two, Protestants the last two to make it 10.

The 26 Apostles
Some 26 people in the New Testament are called Apostles, including 1 women!

The Kerygma and the Creeds
In Acts of the Apostles, the basic Christian message taught by Peter and Paul is related. Compare that with the early Church creeds. What changed and what was added?

The Authors of the New Testament
Were the authors eyewitnesses of Jesus' life? Surprisingly few.

Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scroll Sect - pre Christian Christianity?

John the Baptist and the Elijha/Elisha Cycle
Old Testament prototype fulfilled by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Foreign Influences in the Bible
Foreign beliefs and texts that have been incorporated into the Bible.

The Bible's Relationship to Science and Technology
The use of science and technology to interpret the Bible is as old as the Bible itself.

The Synoptic Problem
Why the first three Gospels are so similar.

Comparison of the First and Twentieth Centuries A.D.
Get a feel for the time frames involved in the first century by comparing it to ours.

How Fundamentalism Works
Is Fundamentalist Christianity based on a psychological trick?

Who was Jesus Christ?
Who does the Bible really say he is?

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