The Psychological Mechanism Behind Fundamentalist Christianity

I should stress that this is only my opinion and I am not a psychologist.

1. Human personalities are fragmented as a result cultural restraints, with certain "unacceptable" feelings and impulses.

2. The dominant aspect exerts substantial effort repressing these unacceptable aspects and maintaining "order".

3. The dominant aspect "misses" these repressed aspects and longs to be re-integrated with them. This longing itself is unacceptable and repressed and is projected - instead of longing for the very close it takes the form of longing for the very distant, transcendentally distant (God).

4. To resolve this a belief in an additional aspect of the personality which by definition relates to all other aspects of without conflict. This corresponds to the acceptance of the transcendental Christ who forgives and accepts all aspects of a persons life.

5. The dominant aspect of the personality must be willing to surrender its "control" or repression of the "unacceptable" aspects to this new additional aspect.

6. Passing this control to the new additional aspect shorts out the repression and brings about an end to the internal conflicts. This reintegrates the personality as a whole and releases the repressed energy from the different sides of each conflict thus creating a sense of peace and well being. 

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