The Oedipal Conflict in the Ancient Canaanite Pantheon and its Influence on Later Judaism and Christianity

Modern analysis of ancient Hebrew words, religious practices and history result in a new understanding of the earliest parts of the Old Testament.

The early Hebrews were a direct subgroup of the Canaanites, practiced their religion and worshipped a pantheon of local gods and goddesses. Like the Greek pantheon, common interpersonal family relationships show themselves among the deities. Understanding those relationships may throw new light on interpreting the meaning of the Bible.

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Revised History of Early Israel

Part 3 Strange Early Hebrew Religious Practices

Part 4 Canaanite deity names that became Hebrew words

Part 5 Canaanite deity names that became Hebrew words 2

Part 6 Canaanite deity names that became Hebrew words 3

Part 7 My Summary of The Baal Epic

Part 8 My Analysis of the Baal Epic

Part 9 Canaanite/Christian Parallels

Part 10 Christianity as a Symbolic Resolution of the Oedipal Conflict

Part 11 Sources and References

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