Biblical Authors (New Testament)

One could reasonably ask how accurate the New Testament is as a historical document. A modern scholar might consider the following:

Was the author an eyewitness of the events of Jesus life?

                Tradition Modern 
Matthew         Yes       No 
Mark            Yes       Possible 
Luke            No        No 
John            Yes       Possible 
Acts            No        No 
Paul's Epistles (14) No   No 
James           Yes       Unlikely 
1 Peter         Yes       Unlikely 
2 Peter         Yes       No 
1 John          Yes       Unlikely 
2 John          Yes       No 
3 John          Yes       No 
Jude            Yes       No 
Revelation      Yes       No 

Total Yes       11        0 

Total Questioned 0        5 

Total No        16        22
Note: Gospels and Acts may draw second hand from unknown 
eyewitness accounts in specific cases.
Pauline Epistles: Was Paul the actual author?

Modern scholars analyze the books of the Bible by studying linguistic form and word usage. Since most authors maintain a reasonably consistent style and draw from their own general vocabulary, clues can be obtained as to the authorship of different books. Ephesians for example has more unique words in it than any other New Testament book and coupled with it's stylistic differences is not likely to be by the same author as say Romans.

Admittedly, this is not conclusive, but consistent patterns have emerged, five of the epistles do appear to be by one author with the remaining books at various degrees of probability.

This is controversial since all of the books (except Hebrews) state in them that Paul is their author.

                Tradition Modern 

Romans          Yes       Yes 
I Corinthians   Yes       Yes 
II Corinthians  Yes       Yes 
Galatians       Yes       Yes 
Ephesians       Yes       No 
Colossians      Yes       Unlikely 
I Thessalonians Yes       Possible
II Thessalonians Yes      Possible 
I Timothy       Yes       Unlikely 
II Timothy      Yes       Unlikely 
Titus           Yes       Unlikely 
Philemon        Yes       Yes 
Hebrews         Possible  No 

Total Yes       13        5 
Total Questioned 1        7 
Total No        0         2 

Note: Hebrews does not mention its author, but has at 
times been considered to have been by Paul.
Note: Paul's Epistles appear in the Bible in order of diminishing length within two groups - letters to churches and letters to individuals (followed by Hebrews). 
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