Comparison of the First and Twentieth Centuries A.D.

In order to get a feel for the elapsed time between key New Testament events (such as the dates of the writing of the New Testament books) I have lined them up with the modern century. New Testament dates are often approximate and open to some dispute.

Note that over 30 years passed between the death and resurrection of Jesus and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans during the Jewish revolt. Jerusalem was the center of the Christian Church during this period and was presided over by Jesus' brother James. This early period is described in the book of Acts of the Apostles. This is also the period of Paul's missionary work in Asia Minor.

This shows that an entire generation passed between the events of Jesus' life and their being recorded into the Gospels. Scholars argue that the choice of what was recorded had more to do with the situation of the early church at the time of their recording rather than with a concern about creating a historical biography of Jesus.

        7-6(?) B.C. Birth Of Jesus      1894
        4 B.C. Death of Herod the Great 1896
        14 Death of Augustus Caesar     1914 outbreak of World War I
                                        1917 US in WWI/Russian Revolution
                                        1918 Armistice ending WWI
        26 Pontius Pilate procurator
        27 John the Baptist & Jesus     1927 Lindberg fly's Atlantic
        28 Jesus in Jerusalem
        29 John the Baptist beheaded    1929 Stock Market Crash
        30 Jesus Death & Resurrection
                                        1933 Hitler rises to power
        36 Stephen 1st Martyr
        37 Conversion of Paul
                                        1939 Outbreak of WWII in Europe
                                        1941 Pearl Harbor
        43 Apostle James beheaded       
                                        1944 D-Day invasion
        45 First Mission of Paul        1945 A-bomb/End of WWII
        47 Famine in Palestine
                                        1948 Truman elected President
        49 Council of Jerusalem
        50 James; Paul's 2nd Mission 
        51 I/II Thessalonians
        52 Paul's visit to Jerusalem    1952 Eisenhower elected President
        53 Paul's 3rd Mission
        56 Phillipians                  1956 Eisenhower reelected
        57 I/II Corinthians,Galatians   1957 Hula Hoop
        58 Romans
        60 Paul's voyage to Rome
        61 Colossians,Ephesians         1961 JFK elected President
        62 Jesus brother James executed 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
        63 Mark,1 Peter                 1963 JFK assassinated
        64 Peter executed in Rome;Nero  1964 Beatles Invasion
        65 1 Timothy,Titus
        66 Revolt in Jerusalem
        67 Hebrews,2 Timothy;Paul executed
        68 Qumran destroyed             1968 Tet; King,RFK assasinated
                                        1969 Moon Landing
        70 Jerusalem falls, Temple burnt
                                        1972 Watergate Break in
        73 Masada falls;Revolt ended    1973 US out of Viet Nam;Nixon
        75 Jude,2 Peter                 1975 Fall of Saigon
                                        1976 US Bicentennial
                                        1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis
                                        1980 Reagan elected President
        84 Matthew,Luke,Acts            1984 Reagan reelected
                                        1988 Bush elected President
                                        1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall
                                        1992 Clinton elected President
        95 Revelation,John,1,2,3 John,Clement
                                        1996 Clinton reelected
        98 Didache

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