Who am I?

Paul Stachour is a software engineer currently working at Detector Electronics.
Business Email for Detector electronics should be sent to him using an e-mail address-name of Paul.Stachour, in the domain of det-tronics.com.
Business Email for Stachour Software should be sent using an e-mail address-name of Paul.Stachour, in the domain of stachour.com.1
Personal Email should be sent using an e-mail address-name of only stachour and to my ISP, which is winternet.com.

Who is in the Stachour family?

Our family is Paul, Fran, Valerie, Frank, Armelle, and Alexander.

What are my personal interests?

I like walking (volksmarching), dancing, curling, hiking, and camping. I am a member of Riverside Reformed Church in the RCA.

What are my professional interests?

Software Engineering: Reliability, Security, Measurement, and my personal beliefs about software.
Software Engineering with Ada; I belong to ACM SIGAda and TC SIGAda chapter, the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association, Twin SPIN and the local Association for Computing Machinery chapter TC-ACM with TC-ASM.
I regularly teach classes at Software Engineering class in the Graduate Programs in Software at St. Thomas. Here are some 510 class specifics and Software Engineering References. For Fall 1998 and 1999, I taught Compiler Construction -- CS686 instead. For Spring 1999, I am taught Data Structures -- ICS340 at Metropolitan State University.

What I've found interesting on the WWW

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Who are some of my friends with WWW pages?

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More about me

Details about Paul
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