Who am I

Paul Stachour is a Software Engineer living in the city of Bloomington, Minnesota. Bloomington attractions are indexed on City.Net.

What are my interests?

I like walking (volksmarching: ( index, Minnesota , US) ), ( dancing ), hiking, and camping. I belong to Riverside Reformed Church in the RCA.

What are my professional interests?

Software Engineering: Reliability, Security, Measurement Beliefs and references,
Software Engineering with Ada; I belong to ACM SIGAda and TC SIGAda chapter, the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association, and the local Association for Computing Machinery chapter TC-ACM with MNIPS.
I provide consulting in Ada and Software Quality / Software Process through Stachour Software.
I teach classes in Software Engineering class in the Graduate Programs in Software at St. Thomas. Here are some 510 class specifics and Software Engineering References. For Fall 1998 and 1999, I taught Compiler Construction -- CS686 instead. I sometimes also teach Data Structures -- ICS340 at Metropolitan State University. I also hold both Minnesota and Iowa Teacher's certificates for Grades 7-12 in Mathematics, Chemistry, and computing. I substitute teach in the Rosemont, Richfield, Prior Lake, and Minneapolis School districts.

What is my personal background?

I was born in Tyler, Texas, brought up in Sibley, Iowa ;
and went to school at Iowa State University, Ames , Ohio State University, Columbus , and the University of Waterloo, Ontario .
I've worked in Anniston, Alabama, about 60 miles west of Birmingham ;
Poughkeepsie, New York about 75 miles north of New York City;
Amiens, France about 100 km north of Paris;
Schonaich, Germany, a southern suburb of Stuttgart ;
and here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota .

I'm taking classes in dancing (East Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, and others) and natural languages (Dutch is the current focus).

I now live in Bloomington, Minnesota, where my wife Fran works for Hennepin County Libraries, my daughter Valerie graduated from Illinois Wesleyan in Psychology and works for a medical company, my son Frank graduated from Concordia in Moorhead in instrumental music and is teaching in Fargo, ND. Both of them went to JF Kennedy high school in the Bloomington school district. Our sponsored daughter Armelle is back in France, where she is a children's doctor. Our sponsored son Alexander is back in Germany. Here's a older photo of our family with Frank, Fran, and Paul in the back row, and Alex and Val in the front.

What is my family background?

The name Stachour is Dutch, it has variant spellings including Staghouwer, Stacghower, and Stagghowr. The family resided for many years on the island of Schiermonnikoog in the North-Sea, near the Friesland -- Groonigan provincial boundary. My father's mother's family name is Harberts; that family comes from the area near the villages of Uithuizen, Usquert, and Warffum, Gronigen province, in the Netherlands.

My mother's father's family name is Dreessen; they come from the area around Marne (about 45km WNW from Hamburg) in Landes Schleswig-Holstein, in Germany. My mother's mother's family name is Reinholdt; they come from the area around Rostock, in Germany.

My wife Fran is the genealogist in the family. My parents, Don and Elsie, get their electronic mail at stachour @ rconnect. com.

What do I like on the Web?

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How to reach me by Email

Like many computer people with multiple interests, I have multiple mailboxes.

To request information about my consulting service, please mail to paul.stachour @stachour.com or visit the Stachour Software web-page.
For mail concerning my work with Twin Cities SIGAda, or other professional activity, please mail to pstachour @acm.org.
For mail concerning volksmarching / folkswalking, please mail to walkmn @earthlink.net.
For mail concerning my teaching at St.Thomas, please mail to stachour @gps.stthomas.edu.
And for dancing, and other personal items, please mail to stachour @winternet.com.

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