What's this File?

This file contains a set of URL's about things in Minnesota that I've run across. {file under construction, handle with care.}

Minnesota Indexes

Minnesota WWW Servers
Minnesota Regional Info at Yahoo
Minnesota Government
State of Minnesota Web Server
State of Minnesota Gopher Server
Minnesota Businesses
Winternet (my Internet Provider) home-page

Minnesota Recreation

walking ( volksmarching )
Mall of America and Camp Snoopy
Weather in Minnesota

Minnesota Education

K-12 Education
UMinn K-12 Internet Resource Project
Minnesota Schools Web Registry (K-12)+Districts
Gleason Sackman's K-12 Index Page
JF Kennedy high school in the Bloomington school district.

Minnesota Cities

St. Paul
St. Peter
US Cities in General (not just Minnesota)
World Cities

Minnesota Media

St.Paul Pioneer Press Editorial Mailbox
Minneapolis Star-Tribune Editorial Mailbox, Web Server
KFAI - Fresh Air Radio Web-Page
Oak Street Cimema, near UMinn

Minnesota Companies

Commercial Companies

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M)
Honeywell -- Helping you to control your world
Secure Computing (LOCK, SNS, LOCKout, Sidewinder)
United Health Care -- Medical Services Provider

Software Engineering Employment

ExI Corporation Computer Professionals (Rosevillle, Minnesota).
Nycor Group Computer Professionals (Edina, Minnesota).
Programming Alternatives of Minnesota Computer Professionals (Edina, Minnesota).
Sysdyne Computer Professionals (St.Louis Park, Minnesota).

Minnesota Internet Providers and Web Sites

Rural Connect Serving Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa
Grant Computer Research Custom Web-Services in the Twin Cities

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