What's this File?

This file contains a more-or-less random set of URL's of things I've found and are somewhat intereresting.

Some Miscellaneous

Daily Inspirational
walking ( volksmarching )
scouting ( Troop 366 , General )
Ada Programming Language URLs
Multics Operating System #1
Multics Operating System #2
Winternet (my Internet Provider) home-page

Travel, Languages, and Culture

City-Net World-Wide Cities Lookup
Canadian Discovery Channel
French Text Web Server
French Chat-List World-Wide, Cities in France: Paris,
German Television (Deutsche Welle) Channel, This Week in Germany
Cities in Germany: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart.
A small German bank near Stuttgart.
NTT's Japanese Lessons (has audio)
Switzerland Top-Level Sensitive Map, City of Berne, City of Geneva.
European Union (EU) Resources and Documents
Mailing to Radio Netherlands ( letters@rnw.nl)
Cities in Netherlands: Amsterdam, Hilversum(Albert Staghouwer lives there),
Ethnolic Language Database,
Languages for Travelers(has audio),

Geography: Maps, Weather, Space, etc.

Weather Radar (mostly US)

Education, especially Elementary and High School

Science and Mathematics Gateway (especially for grades 9..12)
Iowa State University, Ames
Ohio State University, Columbus
University of Waterloo, Ontario

Navigating the Web(WWW) and the Internet

Yahoo Categories Listings
List of WWW Search Engines at University Geneva in Switzerland
Open Text Index from University of Waterloo
411 - Four11 Directory Services
Ask Eric
BSG HCI (Humand Computer Interface) Launching Pad
CERN in Switzerland -- Home of the WWW
CSTNET (Internet Access Software Downloadable)
Global Network Navigator(browse netizens,home-page construction kit)
ListServ Homepage (moved: new site currently rejects)
MIT Artifical Intelligence Labs
OnLine Computer Manual
Time-Waner's Pathfinder

References and Virtual Libraries

Computer Dictionary
Technical Report Finder
Virtual Library
Virtual Computer Library

About the Web(WWW), also writing and understanding HTML

Official List of WEB Servers from CERN in Switzerland
Internet and WWW Servers Cookbook
Shareware Search Engine through Yahoo
Transparent GIFs and Positioning
A Web Meta-Crawler
Check your html pages for correctness.
Some graphics tips for a web designer
Tips and tutorials, variety of levels
Variety of resources for Java and other Web extras
How to make your pages look better

Jobs Info -- Here and There

Jobs in Minnesota
Association of Employment Professionals
Spectra Employment Services
ICES -- Minnesota Based Software Positions
JobBank -- USA Software Positions
JobNetwork -- Blacksburg, Virginia
State of Minnesota Employment Service
Ada Jobs -- First Staff -- Valdosta, Georgia

Museums, Parks, etc.

Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.
Searching for park information
park information #2

Some Interesting Business WWW Pages

Federal Express Delivery Service
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M)
Silicon Graphics

Online Ordering through the WWW

Newbridge Online Bookstore
Scholastic Online Bookstore

Comics and other trivia


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