Basic Data

Main Focus (Interest)

Our interests vary because the troop's programs have been boy-driven. The Patrol Leader's Council choses and plans our activities. Our current Merit-Badge focus is the Hiking merit badge. At the 1996 Dan Patch fall district camporee, most scouts earned their Wilderness Survival merit badge In April of 1998, most of the scouts earned the Roller Skating Merit Badge. In July of 1998, a number of the scouts earned their First Aid Merit Badge.


We usually have 4-5 camping outings each year.


In the last three years, we also did the following activities:

Equipment (and Condition)

We have three fully-furnished patrol boxes. We have a big canvas tent used by the adults, and 3 2-person Eureka tents available for scouts who don't have their own. We have 4 big tarps we use to cover patrol boxes, tables, etc. at campouts. We have a big gas-fired blaster we use for quick heating of community dishwater and rinse water.

Our Scout Population

Troop 366 is currently in a rebuilding stage. There were a group of boys who became cub-scouts together, and advanced pretty much as a group. Six of these earned earned Eagle rank within the last 3 years, they have all now moved on to college. In a city-wide school re-organization, the school where troop 366 did its recruiting was torn down about 10 years ago. Since scout recruiting in Bloomington has been done mainly through the schools, and there was no longer a neighborhood school for us, and all other schools already had troops, this has posed a recruiting issue for us. We're overcoming this limitation by helping in the formation of Pack 404 in Oak Grove, a nearby elementary school; we're working with them on their recruitment. We jointly presented Scouting at School Night 1997.



BSA troop 366 is in Dan Patch District, Viking Council (Minnesota), USA. Our 1998 summer-camp was July 19..25, 1998 at ManyPoint, Scout camp northwest from Park Rapids, Minnesota. For 1999, we have reserved a site with enough room for both ourseleves and some of our families at Medicine Mountain, which is near the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
We are looking for a troop interested in a home-and-home camping exchange, to start any year. We have approval of Viking Council and the International Division of BSA to seek a partner troop interested in such an exchange. What country we would visit is open, however our boy's preference is Europe. We are aware that many European troups are mixed-sex, i.e., both boys and girls. Such a troop, as well as an all-boy troop, would be welcome with us and at any of the Councils' summer socout camps.
Our vision is for a roughly three-(might be four-) week visit each year, structured as follows: (extra week is home or local trip)

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