What's this File?

This file points to a number of URLs assocated with the Ada programming lnaguage.

Access to Ada Compilers, tutorials, and documentation

What is GNAT (Gnu NYU Ada Translator)?
Download your free Ada compiler (GNAT) here
Note that there is a partial mirror of GNAT here at winternet in Stachour: GNAT partial mirror and that there will be a GNAT for Mcintosh
TC ACMSIGAda sells GNAT, Ada95 Documentation, and Tutorials on MS-DOS Diskettes.
Local copy of GNAT Info.
University of Geneva Free Compilers Search Engine
Thomson Software's Ada Compiler and Index to Ada Compilers
Intermetric's Ada to Java Compiler
RR Software's Janus Ada and Windows Ada Bindings.

Access to Ada related Tools

OC System's Ada Specifications from C Headers (Linux Oriented)
OC System's TCL/TK Ada Bindings (TCL Shell -- TASH)
Chad Bremmon's Ada Foundation Classes for Microsoft Windows
David Weller's Ada95 Porting of Booch Software Components

Interesting Projects in Ada

Global Positional System and its relationship to Ada.

Special Interest Group on Ada

ACMSIGAda -- A World-Wide Group associated with the Association for Computing Machinery -- Computing's First Professional Organization
Twin Cities Chapter of ACMSIGAda.
Ada Organizations around the world.

Ada Information Clearinghouse

A rather complete archive of information about Ada, from its inception as a concept (the need to standardize on a small number of programming languages for general-purpose programming in embedded systems environments) to its form today (Ada95: A powerful yet safe general-purpose programming language suitable for building today's complex applications and systems by giving the facility to place the complexity in the language rather than in the programming).
Ada Internet Resource Guide

Language Definition and History

Ada Programming Language Home-Page
Lovlace down-loadable Ada95 Tutorial
Ada on the PC-Webopedia

Libraries and Archives

Home of the Brave Ada Programmers(Lausanne,Switzerland)
Ada-Basis Ada Library.
Ada's Public Ada Library at WUSTL
Ada's Public Ada Library at CDROM
Ada Data Structures Collection (for Ada95)
Material from Ada-Belgium
Ada95 Version of Booch's Software Components
Paul Putkite's Ada articles, bibliography, reference material, source code, GNAT GUI packages.
ARA's Ada Coding Contest Winners -- source code

Ada Books

Mike Feldman's list of Ada Books.
SKJ's Ada95 for C and C++ Programmers (early partial draft)

Evaluations and Comparisons

Ada Compiler Evaluaton (Performance)
Comparison of Ada and C Costs by Steve Zeigler
Chosing A Computer Language including Ada83 and Ada95
Ada sucess stories, including A comparison of Ada with Assember: Ada wins.

Ada Specials and Interfaces

Ada Simulation System

Conferences about Ada

Washington Ada Symposium 96.

Links to Ada materials

Lauren Guerby's Ada Links for Ada newcomers from Bittany, France.
Bob Crispin's Ada Links at ???

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