For Sale: Diskettes and Removable Disks

We (TC ACMSIGAda) repackage and sell Ada95 Software and Documentation as a service to the software engineering community. In most cases, (e.g., GNAT) this software or documentation is also available online for free download. Our repackaging provides these items in a convenient format for those who prefer to install or work from diskettes, or do not have network access.


Diskettes are sold by the set. The following sets (3 1/2 inch, MS-DOS formatted, 1.44 MB) are available:

Set 1: The ez2load set for MS/DOS
Nine(9) diskettes: 1 with installation materials, 1 with the DJGPP programming environment, 4 with the compiler, 1 with the AdaCAPS visual programming environment, 1 with the Lovelace Tuturial, 1 with examples. This compiler runs on and for DOS; Windows is not necessary..

Set 2: GNAT for MS-WinNt/95
Thirteen(13) diskettes: 9 with the compiler / programming environment, 2 with the Debugger, and 1 with the Lovelace Ada Tutorial. This compiler runs on and for Windows. Windows95 and/or Windows NT is required.

Set 3: Ada95 Documentation
Six(6) diskettes: 2 with the LRM, 2 with the Rationale, 1 with the Lovelace Tutorial, 1 with reference cards and miscellaneous material. Detailed contents are available.

Each diskette set (except set 3) is priced at $10 (Ten US Dollars) and includes shipping in the USA.
Diskette set 3 is priced at $5 (Five US Dollars) and includes shipping in the USA.

Mail (Postal Service) orders to:

  Twin Cities ACM SIGAda
  c/o Paul Stachour
  9532 First Avenue South
  Bloomington, Minnesota, 55420 USA.

Email for price for 5 1/4 inch diskettes, dismoutable disks such as Imation SuperDisks, ZipDisks, special packaging, or shippping to non-US destinations.

Magnetic Tape

We regret that we have had to discontinue our magnetic tape service, since the set of machines on which they were prepared is not currently available to us. Please mail if you have a need, we'll try to find a specific substitute.


Payment by check is preferred. For payment in currencies other than US dollars, Email for a quote. Sorry, no credit-card orders.

Similar Sales Activities

MS-DOS Diskettes of GNAT and Ada95 documentation are also sold by Ada in Sweden. This is probably more convenient for Europeans.


AdaCAPS (Ada Computer-Aided Programming System), an interactive development environment (IDE) that works with GNAT (GNU-NYU Ada 95 Translator) under MS-DOS, which is also prepared by the GNAT team, is scheduled for packaging and redistribution shortly.

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