One Good Session


It was one good session. I knew it was gonna be, that's why I gave the camera to a buddy and said, "Shoot until you get bored." This top and I, we had a thing. His arm, my ass -- it's some kind of perfect fit. We play and it's magic.

His entry is so smooth I barely know he's gone in. In a minute he tickles my second ring and then he's doing the long slide, his whole forearm gliding into my ass.

I feel the stretch before the elbow, take a hit of poppers, and it's done - his elbow's buried in my ass. This is just the warm-up.

He rolls his arm with the elbow inside and rocks my world -- sends me rocketing into outer space. He pulls the arm out a little and gives me the thrill of the elbow popping out again. In, out, in, out -- each slide over the elbow is like an orgasm.

Next he starts giving me a real stretch, adding his other hand to the deeply buried first. Deep breaths, a little poppers and we do that too. Two hands stuffing my ass -- heaven, wide, deep heaven.

How deep? How wide? He explores where my ass can go with two hands. Two arms. It goes far.

Then one hand slips away and it's back to depth again. Deep and deeper. He takes me places we haven't been before. I feel like I must be almost to his shoulder. Our rhythm is perfect and I want it to go on forever.

In time, some limit is reached. We both feel it. He starts to pull back from the extreme depth and I know this is the last slide out. "Make it slow," I urge him. He does. I feel every inch of his long arm as he slowly pulls out. Every inch. It's like silk sliding through my guts. Ecstasy.

Finally he's out. My butt feels so empty. It's heartbreak, it's elation, it's satiation, it's hunger. He holds his arm up for me to see the ring. Deep. Way deep. His arm glows. The photographer snaps his last shot. Ninety minutes, seventy shots -- boredom never caught him. It was one good session.

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