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Samuel Slaughter Swezey
Born: 1797 (?) Pennsylvannia
War of 1812 veteran. Famer. Lived most of his later adult life as a farmer in Marion County, Iowa.
Samuel George Swezey
Born:Jan 16, 1837 in Akron, Ohio
Married: To Nancy Anne ("Mary") Burnett July 11, 1858 (Marsh School House) Marion County, Iowa
Died: June 20, 1910 in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas.
Civil War veteren. Briefly was a Cook on the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Farmer.
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Swezey, M.D.
Born: In Fremont Nebraska
Graduated: Keokuk Medical College, 1903
Married: To Antonnia Sophia ("Tony") Sommermeyer 1910
Died: June 2, 1949 in Buffalo, Minnesota.
One of the town doctors in Buffalo, MN. also Wright County Coronor. Inventor with several patents.
Benjamin Franklin Swezey, Jr.
Born: February 14, 1913 In Bellingham, MN
Married: 1945 To Eileen Kathleen D____ In Minneapolis, MN
Died: 1988 In Minneapolis, MN
Early and life long Amateur "Ham" Radio operator (W0-RAG). Ran radio repair shop in Buffalo, MN in 1930's. World War II Navy veteraen, achieved rank of Chief Radarman. Worked for ERA which became part of Univac from which he retired after 31 years in 1977.

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