Cover Letter for Thomas F. Swezey - Senior Software Engineer

To Whom It May Concern,

During my career I've programmed on almost every type of computer from very large scale mainframes down to embedded 8-bit microcontrollers.

For most of the last fifteen years I have been working mainly on developing C software for embedded devices running either MicroChip Pic18 or Pic32 processors.

For over ten years prior to that I have been working mainly with Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio) on PC computers running Microsoft Windows.

Most of my experience has been in small electronics companies where I held a great deal of authority and responsiblity over their software development projects.

I have worked on teams, alone or leading other programmers.

I have worked with non-technical people in other departments to select major software packages for companies.

As a self motivated individual I have also developed my own software product, an internationally recognized digital audio filter program.

You can view a demonstration version of this program, originally written in Microsoft Visual C++ and later converted to Java, by downloading it from my web site at:

If you have a need for Object Oriented C++ software development, I hope you will consider me.

I also have experience programming in C#, Java and in Visual Basic.

I am not willing to relocate from the Minneapolis, MN area or travel extensively as part of the job.

Please, no recruiters.

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Thank you for your interest,

- Thomas F. Swezey

My private e-mail address is:

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