Thomas F. Swezey

Senior Embedded System Software Engineer


Since 1984 Thomas F. Swezey has primarily been working with small companies as the sole or primary embedded software developer.
His primary experience is in C and Assembly Language embedded system programming for the home security industry.
He has used C++, C# and Visual Basic extensively for supporting PC based software

System Competence:

Software: Microsoft Visual C++ / MFC, TAPI, C#, Visual Basic, Assembly Language and Java, MicroChip MPLAB-X IDE, CCS C Compiler, Eclipse, NetBeans, Android SDK

Hardware: Intel Pentium, 8086, 8051, Motorola 68HC11, Zilog Z-80, Rockwell 6502, MicroChip PIC18 and PIC32.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Android

Experience Summary:

Independent Consultant/Developer, 1999-Present

Developed his own internationally recognized product, a real time digital audio filter using sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processing) software techniques. The program is used primarily to improve difficult shortwave radio audio and to enhance antique 78 rpm phonograph recordings. The program contains proprietary cutting edge techniques for removing in band "crackle" noise and for restoring proper frequency response to pre-1925 acoustical recordings (Originally MSVC++/Win32 - converted to Java).
Developed his own Android app the "Psychic Hippie Advisor" (Java).

In addition has done independent consulting work for the following companies:

WashCard Systems, Inc. 2005 Gateway Circle, Centerville, MN 55038

Designed and implemented embedded PIC32 C program for their new BayStation for self-service car wash bays.
Product uses Wifi TCP/IP communications for credit card verification, accounting and remote maintenance.
Reworked and enhanced existing embedded PIC18 C programs.
Developed Visual C++ PC based supporting software.
Developed embedded C program for PIC32 test equipment.
Products used RS-485, RS-232 and TCP/IP communications.

Cinch Systems, Inc. 12075 43rd Street NE Suite 300, Saint Michael, MN 55376

Reworked and enhanced existing programs to run on new MicroChip PIC32 devices.
Developed Visual Basic PC based supporting software.
Products used RS-485, RS-232 and TCP/IP communications.

General Electric, GE Infrastructure, 1275 Red Fox Road, Arden Hills, MN 55112

Designed and implemented PC based hardware testing and verification software. The program receives input from a custom radio receiver as an audio input stream. The program extracts and interprets embedded digital data from it to determine if the transmitting sensor being tested is transmitting correctly. The results are passed along to another program (MSVC/Win32).

Oxboro Technologies, 10120 Pleasant Ave S. Bloomington, MN 55420

Designed and implemented PC based pattern recognition and hardware control software. The program examines bitmap images of incoming plant seedlings and instructs hardware on how to orient them to correctly feed them into planting equipment (MSVC/Win32).

Birch Bridge Communications,1997-1999 433 Little Canada Road, St Paul, MN 55117

Designed and implemented a PC based Central Station Receiver for remotely monitoring residential security panels. The program incorporates Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI) to control multiple voice/data modems.(MSVC/MFC TAPI).

Spanlink Communications, 1996-1997 7125 Northland Terrace, Minneapolis, MN 55428

Designed and implemented software for the company's main telephony product to generically interface with various manufacturer's PBX hardware switches (C and AT&T TSM scripting language UNIX).

Uniplex Corporation, 1990-1996 2905 Country Drive, St Paul, MN 55117

Designed and implemented the embedded ISO Data Link and Network Layer software for a mobile wireless vehicle location and data communication network using 900 mHz spread spectrum radios. Software allows radios to be used as wireless modems or as nodes in a wireless data network connected to a central hub. One application was to monitor airport cart dispensing units to keep track of which units were too empty or too full (C and Micro Assembly Language Motorola 68HC11).

Interactive Technologies, Inc. 1984-1990 2266 North 2nd Street, North St Paul, MN 55107

Designed and implemented embedded C software for a Central Station Receiver to monitor residential security systems (C 80286). Designed and co-implemented embedded C software for a wireless home security system (C Z-80). Maintained and enhanced the company's original Central Station Receiver running on a Rockwell AIM microcomputer (Micro Assembly Language Rockwell 6502). Headed team composed of self, VP of Manufacturing and the Chief Accountant to select an MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system for the company.

Anoka County, 1982-1984 2100 Third Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303

Systems Analyst responsible for maintaining the Accounting and Personnel/Payroll Systems. Gave work direction to two permanently assigned programmers as well as two more on specific projects.

Minnesota Gas Company, 1977-1982 800 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55402

Programmer Analyst assisted in maintaining and extending the Meter History/Tracking/Inventory System and Cash Remittance Processing System (COBOL and some Assembly Language IBM 370/148, 3032, 3790).

Radisson Hotel (Downtown), 1973-1977 Minneapolis, MN

Restaurant Maitre'd/Manager responsible for day to day operation of the Lodge Dining Room including supervision of 19 employees. Responsible for hiring, firing, scheduling, budgeting and other day to day operations.


University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor of Mathematics awarded 1977. Native born United States Citizen.

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