The 'berg that made Titanic famous!

Titanic Iceberg Ice* - Get it while it's HOT!

On April 14, 1912 the mighty ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank!

Now you can own a piece of history!

For an unlimited time only, you can buy a piece of the mighty iceberg that sank Titanic! *

New and Improved! Makes a great gift!
Something the whole family can enjoy for years to come!

The perfect romantic gift for that special someone!
Nothing says "I love you" like a piece of Titanic Iceberg Ice! *

A traditional source of good luck!

Steam into history with a piece of the 'berg that made Titanic famous! *
Only $29.95 per cube or $199.95 for an entire tray! *
Available in the frozen food section of finer grocery stores everywhere!
Ask for it by name! Accept no imitations! *
Tell them you only want pure Titanic Iceberg Ice!*
* Note: due to limited supply, some ice may not be authentic Titanic iceberg ice, some ice may be frozen city tap water.

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