Titanic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Was the Titanic big?
Yes, the Titanic was big.

Was the Titanic real big or just kinda big?
The Titanic was REAL big.

Did the Titanic sink in the Bermuda Triangle?
No, if Titanic had sunk in the Bermuda Triangle, there wouldn't have been a trace.

Is it true Kate Winslet believes she is the reincarnation of the real Rose Dewitt Bukater?
No, the real Rose was a fictional character who was still alive when Kate was born.

Is is true Titanic was carrying an ancient mummy who was a priest to Berg the Egyptian god of ice?
No, although Egypt is a desert country, there is no evidence they ever worshiped ice.

Are the new Titanic action figures anatomically correct?
Yes, unfortunately for Leo Di Caprio, they are.

Is it true the disaster was predicted by crop circles in Devonshire a full two months in advance?
No, the crop circles incorrectly predicted Titanic would sink on its return trip.

Was Titanic really sunk by an iceberg?
No, it was actually torpedoed by a German U-Boat - just like all the rest.

Was Titanic the first ship to send S.O.S.?
No, but Titanic was the first ship to use S.O.S. soap pads in all its kitchens.

Were the people left on Titanic secretly rescued at the last minute by UFOs?
No, unfortunately the UFOs arrived two hours too late to save them.

Is it true the Band played acid rock/heavy metal tunes until the very last minute to calm the passengers?
No, acid rock/heavy metal can't be played properly on traditional string instruments.

Is it true Jack and Rose's illegitimate son grew up to be Lee Harvey Oswald?
No, Lee Harvey Oswald was a fictional character created by the CIA to hide the true identity of JFK's assassin.

Why do people feel compelled to keep going back to see the movie 'Titanic' again and again?
'Titanic' spelled backwards is 'Cina-Tit' (i.e. 'Cinema Teat') forcing people to respond uncontrollably.

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