The Swezey Java Digital Filter Program

Free Demonstration Version

This program is written in the Java computer language and needs to run on the Java Runtime platform.

You may already have the Java Runtime installed on your computer. Java

If not, it is available free of charge from Oracle - Click Here!

Audio Files must be in either MS-Windows PCM WAV or Apple AIF/AIFF Format.

About the Demonstration Version

You are free to use the Demonstration Version of the program as long as you like subject to the disclaimer.

To view the disclaimer Click Here!

This Demonstration Version of the program is "crippled" with a periodic buzzing sound.

After trying the program I hope you will consider purchasing the licensed version of the program.

To proceed to download the Demonstration Version of the program Click Here!

Please let me know what you think!

Your opinion about the program is very important to me.
After you try it please let me know what you liked or disliked about it.
I am always trying to make it better and your opinion will help.

Thank you for trying the Swezey Java Digital Filter Program!

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