The Swezey Java Digital Filter Program

Download the Demonstration Version of the Program

Downloading the Demonstration Version of the program implies that you have read, understand and agree to the disclaimer. To view the disclaimer Click Here!

Instruction Manuals - Here are some Rich Text Formatted texts you may find helpful.

"Operation Instructions" Click Here

"Setup Instructions For Shortwave Listening" Click Here

"Advice On Digitizing Phonograph Recordings" Click Here

"Advice On Undoing Riaa Equalization" Click Here

Short Sample WAV File to Test With Click Here

Download the Program

Right Click Here and select "Save target as ..."

Save the file into any sub directory you want.

You can then run the program from there by clicking on it.

It is ready to go there is no special "install".
The program generates several ".property" files to store settings so you don't have to re-enter them each time you run the program.
All files generated by the program will reside in the sub-directory the program is in.
You can completely remove the program from your system by deleting it and the files it generates.
There is no special "uninstall" to remove it.

If you have any trouble downloading these files above please let me know.

Thank you for trying the Swezey Java Digital Filter Program!

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