President Thomas Woodrow Wilson of The USA

Audio Mpeg (".mpg") Files of Restored Antique Phonograph Recordings!

American Propaganda Songs from the First World War

All of these records date from the so called "acoustical" (or "mechanical") recording era (pre-1925).
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They have been digitally remastered and restored from original era 78 rpm phonograph records.

All of these recordings have been restored using the Swezey Digital Filter Program

While the audio quality of these antique recordings is rather limited by modern standards they give a fascinating glimpse into that bygone era.

Each song is a separate mpeg (".mpg") file.
I used to be sell these songs on a Compact Disc but owing to increasing production and shipping costs I am no longer able to offer them in that format.
As a result of minimum charges from PayPal songs are not sold individually but only in the groups that used to make up the audio CDs.
The audio files will be e-mailed to you with one song attached to each e-mail.
As a result there are no longer any shipping or handling charges.

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

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Thank you for your interest in these recordings!

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