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Kaiser 'Bill' Wilhelm II of Germany

01 A Rainbow From the USA , Peerless Quartet
Victor 18484-B [Mahoney - Jerome - Wenrich] (07/01/1918)

02 A Soldier's Day , Geoffrey O'Hara
Victor 18451-A [-] (04/18/1918)

03 Daddy Mine , Elizabeth Spencer
Victor 18461-B [Lew Wilson - Alfred Dubin] (03/28/1918)

04 For Your Boy and My Boy , Peerless Quartet
Victor 18494-A [Gus. Kahn - Egbert Van Alstyne] (08/05/1918)

05 Hello Central Give Me No Mans Land , Al Jolson
Columbia A2542 [Schwartz] (04/03/1918)

06 I Don't Want to Get Well , Van and Schenck
Victor 18413-B [Johnson - Pease - Jentes] (11/01/1917)

07 Indianola , Billy Murray
Edison 50493 [S. R. Henry - D. Onivas]

08 K-K-K-Katy , Billy Murray
Victor 18455-A [Geoffrey O'Hara] (03/08/1918)

09 Keep Your Head Down Fritzie Boy , American Quartet
Victor 18467-B [Lieut. Gitz Rice] (04/17/1918)

10 Long Boy , Byron G. Harlan Peerless Quartet
Victor 18413-A [William Herschell - Barclay Walker] (10/22/1917)

11 My Own United States , Raymond Dixon
Victor 18293-A [Stanislaus Stange - Julian Edwards] (04/30/1917)

12 Oui Oui Marie , Irving Kaufman
Columbia A2637 [Fisher] (08/1918)

13 Pack All Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag , Edward Hamilton
Victor 18222-A [George Asaf - Felix Powell] (01/03/1917)

14 Parodies of the Camp , Geoffrey O'Hara
Victor 18451-B [-] (04/18/1918)

15 The Last Long Mile , Charles Hart and Shannon Four
Victor 18455-A [Emil Breitenfeld] (03/05/1918)

16 The Yanks Are at It Again , American Quartet
Victor 18495-A [Lew Brown - Rubey Cowan] (08/01/1918)

17 We'll Do Our Share , Robert Lewis
Columbia A2542 [Egan] (04/1918)

18 We're All Going Calling On The Kaiser , Arthur Fields
Edison 50495 [Caddigan - Brennen]

19 What Are You Going To Do To Help The Boys? , Charles Hart and Shannon Four
Victor 18467-A [Gus. Kahn - Egbert Van Alstyne] (05/06/1918)

20 When I Get Back to My American Blighty , Arthur Fields
Victor 18495-B [Arthur Fields - Theodore Morse] (07/1918)

21 When I Send You A Picture Of Berlin , Billy Murray
Edison 50495 [Fay - Ryan - Dreyer]

22 When Tony Goes Over The Top , Van and Schenck
Columbia A2665 [Marr] (09/27/1918)

23 When We Meet in the Sweet Bye and Bye , Sterling Trio
Victor 18484-A [Stanley Murphy] (06/06/1918)

24 When You Come Back , Raymond Dixon
Victor 18494-B [Geo. M. Cohen] Orpheus Quartet

25 You'll Find Old Dixieland In France , Van and Schenck
Columbia A2665 [Meyer] (10/11/1918)

26 Your Country and My Country , Harry McClaskey
Paramount 2011-A [Irving Berlin]

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