Movies made during World War II

Propaganda? Well, let's just say it's pretty clear who the 'bad guys' are!

Casablanca Best in this category!
See listing under "My all time favorite Movies".

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and staring Bob Cummings and Priscilla Lane. Cummings is falsely accused of a horrible act of sabotage in Los Angeles and tracks the real saboteur all the way to New York City. Lots of exciting moments especially the ending!

Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Edward G. Robinson breaks a band of Nazi spies. Lots of insight into the insidious pre-war German American Bund.

Sherlock Holms and ...
A whole series of one hour movies staring Basil Rathbone as Holms and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. Holmes is updated from the Victorian original to a modern character to chase Nazi's and find Fifth Columnist spies. These movies are really fun and sometimes his deductions seem just a little too clever but he always solves the murder. Not all are war related or made during the war but they are all pretty good. Watch out for the "Creeper"!

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