My all time favorite movies:

Singin' in the Rain - This is the Best Movie ever made!!!
Musical about two guys who go to Hollywood to make a movie about two guys who go to Broadway to make a musical. Flash backs, dream sequences, flash forwards plus the merging of opposites (i.e. "Singing=Good" with "Rain=Bad") helps confuse all the different levels going on in this movie until the viewer forgets they're not IN the movie themselves. Just all around fun for everyone! Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor.
If you don't like this movie you must already be dead!

Casablanca - The second best movie ever made!
Best World War II propaganda movie. Rick's Cafe as a microcosm of the world and politics of 1942. Heavy handed Nazi treatment of heroic free French set to a hit parade of great American songs. Propaganda? Well, let's just say it's clear who the bad guys are. You'll want to play this one again and again, "Sam". Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henireid.

All the President's Men
Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as the famous newspaper reporters Woodward and Bernstein who helped expose America's most corrupt administration. I never get tired of seeing Nixon "get it"!

Glengarry Glen Ross
And you though used car salesmen were rough!
Be sure to get the uncut version with all the cussing in it!

Ben Hur
Best of the 1950's-60's Bible epics. Tough sledding for Charleton Heston. Make sure you stay for the chariot race!

Lawrence of Arabia
Wide screen spectacular with Peter O'Toole as the famous World War I desert hero.

Spoof of every airplane disaster movie ever made.
My pick as the funniest movie ever made and Airplane II isn't far behind!

The Big Bus
Disaster movie spoof. Oil companies try to derail the first nuclear powered bus.
Okay, it's silly, but if you liked Airplane I think you'll like this one too!

The Adventures of Robin Hood
Errol Flynn robbing from the rich and giving to the poor in grand style!
Be sure to get the newly restored version of this 1938 Technicolor classic!

The Music Man
All around, feel good romance set to great music. Robert Preston IS the Music Man!

High Noon
Time is running out for Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly! They sure picked a fine time to get married!
Note: John Wayne once called this the most "communist" movie he ever saw - I don't get it.

Visual masterpiece! Fabulous photography of ordinary things sped up or slowed down. I thought the first half hour was a little slow but the rest is incredible! Clouds over mountains, traffic in cities, people through Grand Central Station. Stunning! See it on the biggest screen you can.

Falling Down
Thinking of going "Postal"? Check this movie out first. Michael Douglas and Robert Duval are both having bad days but Duval seems to be handling his a little better!

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