Political Thrillers

Paranoid of a coup d'etat? May you should be!

All the President's Men Best in this category!
See listing under "My all time favorite Movies".

French Algerian film. A courageous prosecutors' investigation of a liberal politicians' "accidental" death uncovers a deeper right-wing assassination plot. Thinly veiled reference to the events leading up to the military coup that took over Greece in the early 1960's. Very similar feel to All the President's Men.

7 Days in May
Burt Lancaster as an American general planning the military take over of the US. Kirk Douglas discovers the plot and notifies the President. Suspenseful plot twists. It could happen!

3 Days of the Condor
Robert Redford as a CIA technical analyst on the run from Max von Sydow after uncovering a secret CIA within the CIA.

The Kremlin Letter
Great Cold War spy movie. Through the looking glass with Patrick O'Neal and Richard Boone. Just who are the good guys anyway?.

The Manchurian Candidate
Frank Sinatra chases a brain washed American POW programmed by the Commies to assassinate the president. This movie was pulled from the market after the JFK assassination.

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