Dancers       I like to dance. Here's some suggestions about dancing for those of you who live in or near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Or you can check Lynn's dance news or venues. Lois's MN Dance, USADANCE-Minnesota's dance information, or the Worldwide 'Dance Me Tonight' index. Dancers

Where I Dance

Here's where you might find me dancing on the various days, depending on the week of the month.
Week Day Kind Time Place Contact Notes
1,3 SunWest Coast Swing 7:00 Minneapolis TC Rebels WCS1 Lessons 5:00..7:00, dancing 7:00..10:00 @ Dance Life Studio, Minneapolis
1,3 Sun Variety Ballroom 6:15 Minneapolis Tapestry Folk Dance Center1 Lesson 6:00, Dance 7:00..9:30, 3748 Minnehaha Avenue
2,4 Sun Variety Ballroom 6:15 St. Paul Cinema Ballroom Lesson 6:15, Jerry O'Hagen Orchestra 7:00..10:30, 1560 St. Clair Avenue, just east of Snelling
* Sun Argentine Tango 6:00 Minneapolis Mandragora Tango Loring Pasta Bar, 14th & 4th, Dinkytown
* MonRhythm 7:00 Fridley 'nMotion Lessons @ 7&8, Rumba & ChaCha, with Awakened Dance
* Wed West Coast Swing & Country 10:00 Eagan Starks Saloon lesson 7:30, dance 8:00 .. 10:00, 3125 Dodd Road, S. of MN55
* Thu East Coast Swing & Lindy 10:00 NE. Minneapolis 301 on Main NE Lessons by Cindy & Terry from 6:30 to 10:00, dancing long after midnight
~1 Fri Argentine Tango 9:30 Minneapolis Four Seasons Fridays except first Friday of the month.
1 Fri Ballroom 7:30 Minneapolis Eagles Lesson @ 7:30, Dancing 8:30..10:30, usually Tim Patrick Band
* FriVariety Ballroom 7:30 Minneapolis Dance Life Ballroom Basic Lesson 7:00, dancing 8:00
2,4 Fri West Coast Swing 7:30 Roseville Minnesota West Coast Swing Dance1 B-Dale club, 211 N Dale Street
1,5 SatVariety Ballroom 7:30 Minneapolis Dance Life Ballroom No Lesson, dancing 8:00
2 Sat Argentine Tango 8:30 Varies Minnesota Tango Society1 Basic Lesson 8:30, dancing 9:30..1:00a.m. @ CRB & others
3 Sat Ballroom 8:00 Varies USA Dance Minnesota1 Group Lesson 7:00, dancing 8:00..11:00
2,4 Sat Latin & Ballroom 7:30 Hopkins Cafe Bailar1 Lesson 7:30, dancing 8:30..11:30 @ Retro
1 I am a member of this dance club.

Why dance at ?

I attend these particular dances for a variety of reasons: And I don't always go to those particular dances on those evenings. I also go elsewhere. I also do other things. The venues listed are just where I dance most frequently. And just because I list something on Friday and on Saturday, or two dances on Saturday doesn't mean I'll be going to all of them. Or even to any of them. I do have a life outside of dancing!

Local Dance Competitions

Month Day, Year Kind Name Place Contact Notes
January 13..15, 2017 Pro-Am Snow Ball Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport SnowBall  
March 4 ..5, 2017 Amateur UDanceFest Union XDepot, St. Paul ? University Of MN Dance Club  
May 13, 2017 ?? Pro-Am MN Star Ball Medina Entertainment Center MNStar by ERV  
July 06 .. 08, 2017 ?? Open Twin Cities Open Hyatt Regency Minneapolis TCOpen by Scott Anderson  
October 24?, 201 7? Open Minnesota Madness Location TBD MN Mad by Scott Anderson  

Dance Teacher: Where I Teach

I am studing to become a dance teacher though the DVIDA Sylabus as I teach a variety of American style partner dances. Some of the places I teach occasionally are: Fridley, MN ; St. Cloud, MN ; Fargo, ND; and Sioux Falls, SD.

Dancing: What I Write

You might want to take a look at my published articles, "Dancing, Software Styles, and Good Software" or "Taking the waltz teacher's exam". "Lamberton Field Trip".

Some more Dance Links

A good montly newsletter about dancing in the Twin Cities is found on the USADANCE-MN web-site. Or you might want to check out videos about "How to Dance" or "Dance CD's" at If you are at the University of Minnesota, try UMinn Dance club's Info You might want to look at their UTube videos of lessons. For swing dancing, try TC Swing.
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