Stachour Software provides consulting in Software Quality and Ada.

The quality of the software produced by software teams, as well as the speed and effectiveness with which that software is produced, is very dependent not only on the languages used, but on the maturity of the software processes used, and on the methods and tools used in the design, implementation, and maintenance.

Stachour Software can aid you in your objective of

Creating Reliable and Maintainable Software Effectively

though Software Engineering Principles, Processes, and Ada's comprehensive, flexible, reusable, controllable, and powerful yet safe, language features.
Though an enormous help, a language is not a cure-all. No matter which language you use, it is not effective without a defined set of processes to ensure that your quality and productivity are not just the result of the personal ability and chemistry of those individuals currently working on your project, but something that will continue to get better and better.

No matter which language or technology you are using, Stachour Software can aid you in making software engineering processes real. Whether your need is modular design, coding guidelines, the review process, testing and test measurement, configuration management, corrective action, or one of the other processes fundamental to good software engineering, we can help you to define those processes and make them a continuing reality in your organization.

Why should I use Ada?

Ada -- The Language for a Complex World
Ada -- When your software absolutely has to work
Ada95 -- The new Standard for Reliability
Ada95 -- The first Internationally Standardized Fully Object-Oriented Programming Language
Ada95 -- The only HLL with Concurrency, Ranges, and complete object-oriented arithmetic. Ada95 -- Designed to enable you to find your errors early.
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