Vietnam Era Movies

Tired of all that revisionist history of the Vietnam Era? Check these out to recapture the anger, bitterness and political frustration of that dark period of our recent past!

I am Curious (Yellow) Best in this category!
Originally titled I am Curious this Swedish film was originally banned in the US allegedly for its sexual content but more probably for its radical politic content. After a Supreme Court ruling an edited version designated "Yellow" (as opposed to the complete "Blue" version) was finally allowed. While you have to get past the Swedish/European flavor, this film captures the attitudes and outlook of the youth of the late 1960's as I remember it personally better than any other film.

Forget that lame TV series and get the original! Set in the Korean War this movie is all 'Nam. Check the attitude, probably the best 'Nam movie to come out at that time in the US. Parts of this movie even offend ME!

While set in World War II and not about 'Nam at all, this smash hits total irreverence toward the military definitely reflects this period during which it was made. I remember long lines outside the theaters at the time waiting to get in even after it had been out for months.

A "Hippie" is drafted into the Marine Corps and encounters a tough drill instructor. Neither seems to be able to figure the other out. This film captures the growing disenchantment with the war and the significant generational gap of the early 1970's. Read between the lines when you watch this one.

Billy Jack
While centered on the American Indian Movement rather then the war this movie and its sequels capture the attitude of the youth of the late 1960's pretty well. Lot's of cops beating hippies for no reason. Anti-abuse-of-authority message.

Harold and Maude
Dark comedy with lots of meaningful philosophy about life.

Alice's Restaurant
Arlo Guthrie stretches his famous anti-war song out to a full length movie. "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant". Lots of fun, not too heavy.

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