Forgotten Movies

Movies I've seen that may never have been seen again!

What do you say to a Naked Lady? Best in this category!
Alan Funt of "Candid Camera" fame made this about 1971. It is a series of X-rated (soft R-rated by today's standards) Candid Camera style gags filmed mostly in Britain. A women wearing only a hat, shoes and a briefcase arrives at an office building asking directions, you get the idea. It was actually pretty funny! I think it has been pulled off the market so as not to besmirch the memory of the late Mr. Funt. Too bad, it was a hoot!

Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?
You will either love this movie as incredible camp or hate it as incredible crap. I saw it in the early 1970's and as a movie it is very forgettable. Lots of big stars pushing the 1969 censors to the limits. I just remember the catchy title.

Fritz the Cat
The first feature length cartoon movie to get an X rating. R. Crumb famous from the underground Zap comics created the character but was evidently disappointed by this result. It starts out funny and ends up as a depressing, degenerate romp through drug infested hippie land in New York city. I saw this when it first (and last?) came out in 1972 and remember almost nothing about it. It might be an interesting relic of its time.

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